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Pediatric Nursing

Pediatric nursing or child health nursing is the specialty nursing care of infants, children and adolescents. A nurse who specialises in this area is usually referred to as a pediatric nurse, though there are many regional and sub-specialty variations in title. The spelling paediatric nursing is more common in English-speaking countries outside the United States.

The breadth of this field of practice may be considered as similar to that of adult nursing, with an equivalent sub-specialty for most adult illnesses and some unique areas of practice. For example, pediatric cardiology and oncology are both established sub-specialties in most major pediatric facilities.

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Pediatric Nursing Scholarships

Name Amount Deadline
APIASF/United Health Foundation Scholarship $5,000 January 10, 2019
Virginia Cascarelli Memorial Nursing Scholarship $3,000 March 01, 2019
Future U.S. Nurse Scholarship $2,000 October 05, 2018
ANNA Career Mobility Scholarship $2,000 October 15, 2018
Dr. Frank Veden Endowed Scholarship $1,200 December 31, 2018
Cheryl Yearling Memorial Nursing Scholarship $600 March 01, 2019
S. Evelyn Lewis Memorial Scholarship Up to $1,000 February 01, 2019
Germaine K. Queen Scholarship $400 June 01, 2019
Donald E. Caswell Memorial Scholarship $300 March 01, 2019
Sigma Theta Tau Scholarship - University of South Alabama $250 December 01, 2018