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Utica School of Commerce

Utica, NY

University Website:  www.uscny.edu

The Utica School of Commerce is a business college with three locations in upstate New York.

The college was founded in 1896 and has two-year programs for business administration, administrative specialist, health service management, non-profit agency management, and Information systems technology. It also offers certificate programs in many of these same areas.

The main branch is in Utica, New York43°06′06″N 75°13′49″W / 43.1016°N 75.2303°W / 43.1016; -75.2303. Another branch is in Canastota, New York 43°04′05″N 75°45′53″W / 43.0681°N 75.7648°W / 43.0681; -75.7648 and a third in is Oneonta, New York 42°27′22″N 75°03′36″W / 42.4561°N 75.06°W / 42.4561; -75.06.

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