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Princeton Theological Seminary


Princeton, NJ

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Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS) is an American divinity school in Princeton, New Jersey and the largest of ten seminaries associated with the Presbyterian Church (USA). It is the second oldest seminary in the United States, founded in 1812 under the auspices of Princeton University (formally College of New Jersey), Reverend Dr. Archibald Alexander, and the The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church.

The Seminary is influential in theological scholarship with the second largest theological library collection in the world, behind only the Vatican Apostolic Library in Vatican City. These collections are well known for the Karl Barth Research Collection in the Center for Barth Studies. Princeton also lists leading and preeminent biblical scholars and theologians among its faculty and alumni.

The Seminary received wide-spread attention during the 19th and early 20th centuries for its defense of Calvinistic Presbyterianism and a Fundamentalist-Modernist Controversy which ultimately led to the formation of Westminster Theological Seminary, under the leadership of J. Gresham Machen. Today, Princeton Theological Seminary enrolls 500 students around 40% of whom are candidates for ministry in the Presbyterian Church. Remaining students are candidates for ministry in other denominations, or pursuing careers in academia or non-theological fields.

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