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Goddard College


Plainfield, VT

University Website:  www.goddard.edu
Apply Online:  www.applyweb.com/apply/goddard

Goddard College is an accredited private liberal arts college located in Plainfield, Vermont, Port Townsend and Seattle, Washington, offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Founded in 1938, Goddard College was designed to be an experimental and non-traditional educational institution based on the ideas of John Dewey: that experience and education are intricately linked. Goddard College currently operates on an intensive low-residency model. Each student designs his/her own curriculum; the college currently uses a student self-directed, mentored system in which faculty issue narrative evaluations of student’s progress instead of grades.

The intensive low-residency model requires students to come to campus every six months for approximately eight days, during which time students engage in a variety of activities and lectures from early morning until late in the evening, and create detailed study plans. During the semester students study independently, sending in "packets" to their faculty mentors every three weeks. The content of the packets varies with each individual, but focuses on research, writing, and reflection related to each student's individualized study plan.

In 2005 Goddard expanded to the west coast and established a residency site in Port Townsend, Washington. In July, 2011 Goddard began to offer their education program (non-licensure only) in Seattle, Washington.

Goddard offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Master of Arts (MA), Master of Fine Arts (MFA), along with several concentrations and Licensures. Goddard currently enrolls approximately 700 students, 30% of whom are undergraduates and employs 110 faculty and 90 staff.

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