K-State Physics REU: Interactions of Matter, Light, and Learning Internship-PAID

Kansas State University



awards available





The K-State REU: Interactions of Matter, Light, and Learning Internship is available to undergraduate students who have completed a course in modern physics. As an intern, you will focus on Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics (AMO), Condensed Matter (CM), Soft and Biological Matter Physics, High Energy Physics (Particle Physics), Cosmology, and Physics Education Research. You will be paired with a faculty mentor who will advise you on a research project for the summer. You will also spend time in a classroom learning directly from the faculty about the physics behind the projects. Philosophy faculty will lead discussions on ethical issues in physics, including case studies of some famous ethical violations in recent years. Social activities offered to interns typically include barbecues, dinner at mentor's homes, ice-cream socials, canoe trips, and other excursions. At the end of the internship, you will deliver a capstone oral presentation on your project. This internship is located in Manhattan, KS.

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