Meow Wolf Artistic Development Production Internship-PAID

Meow Wolf



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The Meow Wolf Artistic Development Production Internship is available to applicants interested in art, museums, and community. You must be comfortable with working in a physical environment, be able to lift 25 pounds, and enjoy collaborating with others to be considered for this internship. As an intern, you will work on concept ideation and research, planning and gathering supplies, material preparation, drawing/painting/sculpting, fabrication with wood/metal/plastics, perform overall assembly, and help maintain work area, tools, and projects. Meow Wolf is a social impact art project that fuels a business, and a business that fuels a social impact art project. We create immersive and interactive experiences that transport audiences into fantastic realms of story and exploration. This internship is located in Santa Fe, NM, at Meow Wolf's manufacturing facility.