Salesforce PhD Tableau Research Internship-Fall-PAID




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The Salesforce PhD Tableau Research Internship-Fall is available to students pursuing a PhD in computer science or related field. You must be passionate about research, be a proficient designer, and have strong technical skills in prototyping, setting up user studies, and utilizing statistical modeling to be considered for this internship. Additionally, you must have excellent communication skills and have research/publishing experience at high-quality conference and journal venues. As an intern, you will work closely with a mentor who is a member of Tableau Research. You will typically meet daily with your mentor to coordinate, plan, and help set expectations. Research typically involves designing and/or prototyping, along with possible user studies, and creation of a final presentation and writeup of the project. This internship is offered in Palo Alto, CA, Seattle, WA, and remotely in GA and MA. Average monthly compensation for a Salesforce Intern is $8,100.