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Reporting Prepaid Tuition Plans and 529 Plans on the FAFSA for Independent Students

<b>I'm confused as to how to treat a prepaid tuition plan when applying for financial aid. I'm an independent student but I have a small prepaid tuition account which is held by a parent as account owner with me as the beneficiary. Since I don't list parent assets when filling out the FAFSA, do I need to list the prepaid tuition plan? If so, how does this effect my financial aid? Do I list the current value of the plan? <em>&mdash; Jim C.</em></b> The College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007 changed the treatment of qualified education benefits effective July 1, 2009. Quali... Full Story

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    FAFSA Mistake for 165,000 Students: Are You One of Them?

    FAFSA Mistake for 165,000 Students: Are You One of Them?
    Year after year, families struggle with the FAFSA form. The confusing questions and end goal of the form inspire workshops, self-help books and countless articles in order to better help students and their families navigate the difficult form. As a result, FAFSA administrators have called for revision after revision to simplify the form. However, this year, one such revision to streamline ...
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    April is National Volunteer Month

    April is National Volunteer Month
    Across the country this month Americans will be giving their time and energy, but not getting paid for it. What gives? It's national volunteer month! A time when you have the opportunity to help your fellow Americans by volunteering. April also encompasses National Volunteer Week. According to "National Volunteer Week began in 1974 when President Richard Nixon signed an executive ...
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    Has Political Correctness Gone Overboard?

    Has Political Correctness Gone Overboard?
    There’s controversy in the air, causing some to wonder: how far should schools go in terms of political correctness? [gate] According to the Huffington Post, the move that sparked the debate was Chapel Hill’s University of North Carolina striking the word “freshman” from all of its official documents in favor of term they've deemed more “gender inclusive.” The term “freshman” has ...
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