Fastweb's Student Contributor Program Concludes: Year in Review

As the 2015-2016 Student Contributors program ends, we’d like to recap the success of this year’s program, highlighting some important content that students contributed to Fastweb.

Elizabeth Hoyt

June 01, 2016

Fastweb's Student Contributor Program Concludes: Year in Review

As the academic year winds down, so does Fastweb’s Student Contributor series, which was a great success thanks to our team of talented student writers who contributed to the program. The annual series allows students to gain insight on important student topics through their peers, who share their experiences of daily student life.

Each year, Fastweb’s Student Contributor series features articles written by a team of students, who are also Fastweb users, on student-related experiences and issues. Students contribute content, which allows our Fastweb members to discover, learn from and relate to other students of all ages who are going through the college admissions process, student life and student issues that matter most to today’s students.

In turn, student contributors are able to take on an opportunity to gain writing experience, work with an editorial team and gain experience within web publishing. Our team of student writers chooses their own topics which focus on whatever is happening within their academic, social or extracurricular lives. The opportunity to become a Fastweb Student Contributor was extended to Fastweb users who have career interests in creative writing, journalism, news media, publishing and related fields.

As the 2015-2016 program ends, we’d like to recap the success of this year’s program, highlighting some important content that students contributed to Fastweb.

We’re so proud of the hard work, diligence and accomplishments made by the 2015-2016 Student Contributors team! The team consisted of seven high school and college students, all of whom are strong writers, extremely qualified, motivated and talented and demonstrated these attributes through their work throughout the year.

We’d like to highlight the team below (note: all names listed are in alphabetical order), along with some of their contributions over the past year:

Riley Harrison, High School Senior, Santa Rosa High School in California

This was Riley’s first year as a student contributor for Fastweb and we certainly appreciated her feedback on applying to colleges, the college admissions process and experiencing senior year of high school through her writing. Next year, Riley is moving on to focus on college and we wish her the very best in her endeavors – we know she will be successful as anything she puts her mind to!

Check out Riley’s most recent article contributions:

Keeping Your Mind Occupied Over Spring Break
Making YOUR Final College Decision
Past, Present and Future: Motivation to Finish High School and Plan Your Next Move

Aggie Kallinicou, High School Senior, Fairbanks High School in Ohio

This was Aggie’s first year as a student contributor for Fastweb and we definitely enjoyed hearing her student voice throughout the year. Aggie will be returning as a student contributor next year and we look forward to hearing about her experiences as a college freshmen.

Check out Aggie’s most recent article contributions:

Looking Back on My College Interview
Resources to Help You Find a College Roommate
Finishing the College Process

Laura Magerkurth, College Senior, Truman State University

Laura has been a valuable Fastweb Student Contributor for five years. Experiencing college with her and watching her grow into such an amazing woman has been an awesome journey and we’re looking forward to seeing her accomplishments in the future. We’re sad that Laura’s going to be leaving us as a student contributor as she moves on to graduate school next year, however, we’re so proud of her growth and accomplishments over the last five years. We’re sure you’ll be hearing more of her voice in the future because this girl is capable of greatness and we have no doubt she’ll go on to do extraordinary things.

Check out Laura’s most recent article contributions:

Your Pre-College Timeline
Dealing with a College Cold
Perchance to dream

Maya Moritz, College Freshman, University of St. Andrews in Scotland

This was Maya’s fourth year as a Fastweb Student Contributor and we enjoyed experiencing freshman year at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland through her voice. We had the unique opportunity to join her on travels during her time at the university and experience what it’s like to be an American student abroad. All year, we were able to share in her exciting adventures and appreciate her insight into the college experience.

Check out Maya’s most recent article contributions:

Calming Your Parent’s College Anxiety
How to Run for Committee Positions as a First Year
First-Year Reflections: How to Make Next Year Even Better

McKenzie Nevins, College Sophomore, Taylor University

This was Kenzi’s second year as a Fastweb contributor. You may recall her travels abroad in Ireland last year – so when you need additional study abroad tips, she’s a great go-to resource. We loved experiencing her sophomore year at Taylor University and look forward to hearing more from her next year, too!

Check out Kenzi’s most recent article contributions:

5 Questions to Ask Current College Students
Guide to Packing for Study Abroad
Preparing for Change: Returning Home for the Summer

Ashley Paskill, College Senior, Temple University

This was Ashley’s first year contributing to the program, but you’d never know it from reading her articles. Ashley maintained a strong student voice throughout the year and we’re certain our members benefited from her unique understanding of student life. Don’t worry – she will be back next year to continue on as a student contributor so you’ll be able to experience what it’s like to be a super senior through her voice.

Check out Ashley’s most recent article contributions:

5 Simple Ways to Give Back When You’re on a College Budget
Surviving Group Projects
4 Tips to Combat Spring Fever

Madison Sheldrake, High School Senior, Clear Lake High School in Texas

Throughout the past year, we’ve enjoyed getting to know more about Madison as she shared her experience as a high school senior going through the college process. We’ve learned a lot from her about student happenings, like applying for scholarships, standardized test prep and more. Thanks to Madison’s keen awareness of student life, our members have been able to better prepare for college.

Check out Madison’s most recent article contributions:

Narrow Down Your College Choices Using These Tips
Making College Housing Decisions
Tips for Succeeding in Your Online Courses

This concludes the 2015-2016 edition of Fastweb’s Student Contributor team. We couldn’t be more proud of each student’s accomplishments and we enjoyed reading (and re-reading) each and every article created by these clever minds.

Each year, Fastweb works to enhance the overall learning experience for our student contributors, allowing the exciting opportunity to learn more about the editorial and web publishing processes, in addition to improving writing skills. Moreover, becoming part of Fastweb’s Student Contributor series is an invaluable opportunity for each student to gain writing experience, become published and exposure to a large audience.

Stay tuned for next year’s program, as we’ll have many familiar faces returning, along with some fresh faces you’ll enjoy getting to know. If you’re interested in becoming a student contributor, keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be recruiting some new students to contribute next year via email and social media.

You can also read more about each of the 2015-2016 Fastweb Student Contributors through their profiles on Fastweb’s Student Contributors page, which also includes links to each of their articles as they’re published.

Want more? View an entire list of the all of our Student Contributors’ articles.

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