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Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system. Traditionally, neuroscience has been seen as a branch of biology. However, it is currently an interdisciplinary science that collaborates with other fields such as chemistry, computer science, engineering, linguistics, mathematics, medicine and allied disciplines, philosophy, physics, and psychology. The term neurobiology is usually used interchangeably with the term neuroscience, although the former refers specifically to the biology of the nervous system, whereas the latter refers to the entire science of the nervous system.

The scope of neuroscience has broadened to include different approaches used to study the molecular, cellular, developmental, structural, functional, evolutionary, computational, and medical aspects of the nervous system. The techniques used by neuroscientists have also expanded enormously, from molecular and cellular studies of individual nerve cells to imaging of sensory and motor tasks in the brain. Recent theoretical advances in neuroscience have also been aided by the study of neural networks.

Given the increasing number of scientists who study the nervous system, several prominent neuroscience organizations have been formed to provide a forum to all neuroscientists and educators. For example, the International Brain Research Organization was founded in 1960, the International Society for Neurochemistry in 1963, the European Brain and Behaviour Society in 1968, and the Society for Neuroscience in 1969.

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Neuroscience Scholarships

Name Amount Deadline
AMIA Scholarship $4,000 May 15, 2017
Len Cargan Endowed Fund for Returning Students Award $1,000 March 31, 2017
Aaron and Rita Slom Scholarship Fund for Freedom and Diversity $500 April 24, 2017
GRHS Youth Essay Contest Up to $1,000 March 31, 2017
Gene and Pat Holder Scholarship Varies March 01, 2018
Frances A. Laine Prize Varies March 01, 2018
Chris Velonis Miller Scholarship Varies March 01, 2018
Ed Bunnell Scholarship Varies December 01, 2017