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Arts Management

Arts Administration is the business end of an arts organization responsible for facilitating the day-to-day operation of the organization and fulfilling its mission. An arts organization includes professional for-profit (e.g., auction houses, art galleries, music presenting companies, etc.) and many smaller professional and nonprofessional 501 (c) not-for-profit, arts related businesses (e.g., theaters, museums, jazz, opera, and ballet organizations). The general duties of an arts administrator can include staff management, marketing, managing budgets, public relations, fundraising, program development and evaluation and board relations.

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Arts Management Scholarships

Name Amount Deadline
Disney/ABC Television Writing Program $50,000 June 02, 2017
Dr. Marie Dellas and Poppy Dellas Scholarship $12,569 July 04, 2017
Sherri Marie McDonald Memorial Scholarship $5,000 May 31, 2017
RRF National Foundation Scholarship $5,000 June 15, 2017
Vectorworks Design Scholarship $3,000 July 15, 2017
Zoe Caldwell New Century Scholarship - WCC $2,500 September 25, 2017
John W. Laidlaw Scholarship Up to $3,500 December 01, 2017
Women in Technology Scholarship $2,500 November 01, 2017
Build U. Scholarship $2,500 November 01, 2017
Sustainable Residential Design Scholarship $2,500 June 30, 2017