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Make a Bad Economy Work for You

When Todd Romer was 16 years old he bought 10 shares of Johnson & Johnson stock with money he earned mowing lawns. “That was a tremendous lesson,” he says. Now he’s the editor of Young Money magazine, a publication he founded in 1999. Read more...
Learn how to create a stockpile of savings as well as draft your student budget in order to stay on target.

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    Choosing a Student Bank Account

    Choosing a Student Bank Account
    College presents many opportunities to step up to the plate and start taking on more responsibility. Just like making it to class on time and taking care of your dorm room, managing your money properly is your responsibility once you get to college. Fortunately, there are a plethora of student bank account options to help keep you in the green. Check ...
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    Student Debt Guide: Banking and ATM's

    Student Debt Guide: Banking and ATM's
    What should you look for from a bank when opening a student bank account? [gate] The essential factors are convenience, fees and the ways you can access your money, according to financial expert Mark Kantrowitz. Take it from the expert - here are Kantro's top banking and ATM guidelines tips to follow: Convenience. Look for a bank with ATM locations on ...
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    It Pays to Be a Student: Little Ways to Save

    It Pays to Be a Student: Little Ways to Save
    As a college student, saving money isn’t just a choice; it’s a way of life. While you may be aware that students receive discounts at movie theaters and museums, you may not know about other little ways to save. From discounts on spring break trips to grocery savings at Target, Fastweb has found the best ways for you to overindulge without ...
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