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You’re on your own now. Learn how to make the most of your finances with our budgeting techniques.

Redecorate Your Dorm Room on a Dime

Whether it’s your first dorm or apartment, college pads are the epitome of self-expression. But, as a student, you probably need to discount your interior design dreams with practical décor. Read more...
Learn how to create a stockpile of savings as well as draft your student budget in order to stay on target.

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    Student Debt Guide: Banking and ATM's

    Student Debt Guide: Banking and ATM's
    What should you look for from a bank when opening a student bank account? [gate] The essential factors are convenience, fees and the ways you can access your money, according to financial expert Mark Kantrowitz. Take it from the expert - here are Kantro's top banking and ATM guidelines tips to follow: Convenience. Look for a bank with ATM locations on ...
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    Five Tips to Help You Save

    Five Tips to Help You Save
    Pinching pennies? Who isn’t? Welcome to college. But just because extra cash isn’t pouring in doesn’t mean you absolutely have to dedicate yourself to a diet of only Ramen noodles. Adjusting to a new budget can be difficult, but here’s a few steps to help make things a bit easier. 1. Set a budget Know your monthly income and know how ...
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    The Student Gift-Giving Guide

    The Student Gift-Giving Guide
    The holiday season is one of the most expensive times of the year. So how do you buy meaningful gifts on a student budget? At Fastweb, we’ve scoured the web for gifts for each of your friends, based on their personalities. As you shop, remember that most sites are recommending that you order your gifts by December 21 to get them ...
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