Handling Credit Cards

It may seem like a harmless piece of plastic, but it can be trouble. Know when and when not to “charge it.”

Credit Card Laws for Students to Know

In 2009, Sallie Mae released a study that the average college graduate leaves school with as much as $3,173 in credit card debt. And that’s in addition to the nearly $23,000 in student loan debt. Read more...
Learn how to create a stockpile of savings as well as draft your student budget in order to stay on target.

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    Student Debt Guide: Banking and ATM's

    Student Debt Guide: Banking and ATM's
    What should you look for from a bank when opening a student bank account? [gate] The essential factors are convenience, fees and the ways you can access your money, according to financial expert Mark Kantrowitz. Take it from the expert - here are Kantro's top banking and ATM guidelines tips to follow: Convenience. Look for a bank with ATM locations on ...
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    Fighting Back Against Identity Theft

    Fighting Back Against Identity Theft
    By now, you’ve heard from your elders that credit cards can really get you into trouble. And you can shrug off this advice and say you’ve heard it all before, but we’re talking about a different kind of trouble than thousands and thousands of dollars in debt. Let’s face it: as a college student, you can sometimes be…forgetful. Whether you abandon ...
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    Dealing with Credit Card Debt

    Dealing with Credit Card Debt
    When Colette was a sophomore at Oberlin College, she received her first credit card. "I was very excited," she says. "Unlike a lot of my friends, I wasn’t being supported by my parents. I also had a job, so I figured I was entitled to use my credit." Colette did use her credit card – a lot. She bought spring break ...
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