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College Planning for High School Sophomores

College Planning for High School Sophomores

June 27, 2014

While sophomore year isn’t the time to begin your full-blown college search, it’s the perfect time to get a jump start on the process. During this year, you can transform yourself into a more desirable applicant and assess what type of school suits your academic and career pursuits.

Following these simple tips will propel you down the path for college admissions success.


  • Look for leadership roles in clubs and activities.
  • Start thinking about majors and careers that will help you build out a list of potential college choices.
  • Make an appointment to talk with your guidance counselor.
  • Strengthen relationships with teachers, counselors and activity advisors. This will help you obtain recommendations for your college application later.
  • Become familiar with the standardized tests you need to take as well as practice tests.
  • Attend college fairs and meet with college representatives that visit your school.
  • Research summer programs for college prep.


  • Begin to discuss college costs with parents/guardians.
  • Meet with your school’s guidance counselor to discuss plans for summer and next fall.

  • Apply for summer jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities – if you can’t find any of these, consider a job shadow.
  • Investigate your financial aid options. Register with to find money and scholarships to pay for college.

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