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    12 Tips on Winning a Scholarship

    12 Tips on Winning a Scholarship
    What if you had all the secrets to winning a scholarship? Would you tell the world -- or keep them for yourself? Nationally recognized financial aid and scholarship expert, Mark Kantrowitz, does have all the secrets, and fortunately, he's spilling everything he knows. Kantrowitz has provided Fastweb with the top 12 tips on winning a scholarship: 1. Start searching for scholarships ...
    Published over 4 years ago | Rated: +123
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    Coca-Cola Awards $3.4 Million in Scholarships. Here's What They Look For.

    Coca-Cola Awards $3.4 Million in Scholarships.  Here's What They Look For.
    Patti Ross, Vice President of the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, has been giving away money to students for 10 years. She often says that “scholarship providers aren’t mind readers,” but she’s letting you become one. Ross is dishing out scholarship provider secrets so that you can be a better candidate. Every game needs a strategy, and every building needs a blueprint. In ...
    Published over 6 years ago | Rated: +73
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    Tip to Scholarship Success: Master the Basics

    Patti Ross knows what makes a successful scholarship application. It's not necessarily the intricacies of a scholarship application essay. Rather, it's mastering the basics of applying. Ross highlights the following essentials: Research--know the DEADLINES Personal awareness--take a personal survey Accuracy on application Feedback from others Ross can't stress deadlines enough. Nothing looks worse for an applicant than to turn in their ...
    Published over 6 years ago | Rated: +18
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    Scholarship Criteria Fails to Represent the "Real" You

    I’ve been thinking lately about scholarships. It could be that we’ll be financing three college educations next fall and the need for scholarships has increased exponentially. As I search through FastWeb, it seems there are scholarships of every imaginable kind. Some require a great deal of time and energy to complete the application process and others only require a few simple ...
    Published about 8 years ago | Rated: +5
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    Get to Know the Scholarship Provider

    Patti Ross has been working as the Vice President of the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation for 15 years. She also partners with FastWeb by providing insightful knowledge to students searching for scholarships as well as serving on the FastWeb Advisory Board to ensure that FastWeb is delivering the best product possible. As a guidance counselor, Ross' advice can benefit you as you ...
    Published over 6 years ago | Rated: +13
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    Fastweb's Winner's Circle: Daniel

    Fastweb's Winner's Circle: Daniel
    Curious if people actually win scholarships through Fastweb? They absolutely do and here’s another $40k winner to prove it! Daniel Guerriero, 19, is going into his sophomore year at University of South Carolina who won GotChosen's GotScholarship $40k Give Away. [gate] How many scholarships did you apply for before you won this one? I only applied to a few, around 4 ...
    Published over 2 years ago | Rated: +45
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    Scholarship Scam Red Flags

    Scholarship Scam Red Flags
    Scholarships are a wonderful option for students that would like help paying for school. As with anything good, there are people out there who will take advantage of students’ trust and hopes for the future. As a leading scholarship database, Fastweb screens all of the scholarships available on the site and does not charge anything for its services. There are, however, ...
    Published about 2 years ago | Rated: +38
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    7 C’s of Winning Scholarships

    7 C’s of Winning Scholarships
    Have you ever wondered if scholarship winners have secrets to winning? There are certainly ways to increase your odds of winning scholarships. Check out the following seven “C’s” – ways you can increase your chances of obtaining sought-after scholarships. 1. Content There’s plenty of content detailing directions of how to successfully apply for scholarships. Such content exists in resources like books, ...
    Published over 1 year ago | Rated: +85
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    A Balancing Act: School & the Scholarship Search

    A Balancing Act: School & the Scholarship Search
    If you’re a student, you probably feel conflicted between your scholarship search and the responsibilities of school. On top of attending classes, you likely have responsibilities like extracurricular activities, volunteering, homework and, not to mention, you probably want a little time left over for some sort of social life. Plus, if you’re a high school student, you are expected to study ...
    Published about 1 year ago | Rated: +63
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    Let’s Talk Scholarships: Application Tips

    Let’s Talk Scholarships: Application Tips
    As an editor for Fastweb, I’m familiar with the scholarship application process. I receive daily questions from scholarship seekers regarding the scholarship application process, what advice I have for winning scholarships and students’ frustrations when they have not been successful in winning scholarships. As a result, I’d like to share what I've learned so that students are able to apply that ...
    Published about 1 year ago | Rated: +44
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    Winning a Scholarship

    Winning a Scholarship
    One of the most common questions we receive at Fastweb is how to increase your chances of winning a scholarship. To help answer these questions, Mark Kantrowitz, a nationally recognized financial expert, put together a list of tips to help you achieve scholarship search success.[gate] Kantro cautions that many of these tips may sound like common sense but, unfortunately, common sense ...
    Published 6 months ago | Rated: +45
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    Chicago High School Senior Wins $3 Million in Scholarships

    Chicago High School Senior Wins $3 Million in Scholarships
    For Arianna Alexander, the biggest question her senior year of high school wasn’t how she was going to pay for college but where she was actually going to attend. With $3 million in scholarship money, Alexander definitely had her pick of colleges. She just had to narrow it down from her list of 26 colleges that accepted her, six of which ...
    Published 2 months ago | Rated: +11
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