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Summer Break Scholarships: When and How to Apply

Summer Break Scholarships: When and How to Apply

It’s important not to slow down on your scholarship search this summer!

By Kathryn Knight Randolph

May 30, 2014

They call it summer break for a reason! Even if you’re working full-time at a camp, fast food joint or business, there is one big time drain missing from your life: homework. Not to mention, there are no after-school clubs, athletics or programs to attend.

That’s a pretty big relief after the busy year you’ve had, right?

Well, while you’re kicking your feet up after work or summer school, it’s important not to slow down on your scholarship search. Fortunately for you, we’ve found summer scholarships that are as equally laid back as your summer break.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind as you apply:

• Log on to Fastweb throughout your summer to see your new scholarships.

• Organize the scholarships for which you want to apply by deadline.

• Start with the most recent, and devote one night each week to applying for scholarships. These summer break scholarships don’t take a lot of time, so you just need to devote one hour a week.

• Just like any other scholarship application, proofread and give each application your best.

So take pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard – and get started on applying for these summer break scholarships.

The Bryce Thomson Scholarship Award

Award: $3,500(2), $2,500(2), $1,500(1) and $1,000(5)
Deadline: August 27, 2014
Available To: Employees of active members of the National Ice Cream Retailers Association (NICRA)

Students can become a nominee for this award through a recommendation from their employer. An application, official transcript for the student and an application fee of $25 are also required. The NICRA website states that applicants have an extremely good chance of winning one of the 10 scholarships. Last year, one in five applicants won.

Learn more about the Bryce Thomson Scholarship Award.

Solutionreach Scholarship

Award: $2,000
Deadline: August 18, 2014
Available To: Currently enrolled undergraduate students

The Solutionreach Scholarship is open to currently enrolled undergraduate students. You must be enrolled for at least nine credits, have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and submit an essay of between 800 and 1200 words on the following topic in order to be considered for this award: Describe how communication technology will improve patient-centered care in the coming years and why it’s critical for the future of healthcare.

Learn more about the Solutionreach Scholarship.

$10,000 Safe Driving Awareness Scholarship

Award: $10,000
Deadline: August 14, 2014
Available To: Students 25 years or younger

Texting and driving not only risks the life of those in your car, including yourself, as well as others on the road. To help spread awareness of the dangers of texting and driving, DoSomething is giving thumb socks to applicants to give to their friends. All applicants have to do is submit a photo of themselves wearing the Thumb Socks.

Learn more about the $10,000 Safe Driving Awareness Scholarship.

Wholesale Halloween Costumes $500 Scholarship Award

Award: $500
Deadline: August 13, 2014
Available To: Part- and full-time college students

To apply, applicants are required to submit a short story of only 100 characters via Twitter. Each short story scholarship application should include the hashtag #ScholarshipWHC as well as the following link: Finally, in order to complete your application, you must email with a link to the tweet, your name, Twitter name, address, phone, school name, GPA, date of birth and Parent/Guardian name (if under 18).

Learn more about the Wholesale Halloween Costumes $500 Scholarship Award.

2014 From Failure to Promise Essay Contest

Award: $1,500 for first place, $1,000 for second place and $500 for third place
Deadline: July 31, 2014
Available To: High school seniors, undergraduate and graduate students

Dr. C Moorer has chronicled his life’s work and accomplishments in his book, “From Failure to Promise: An Uncommon Path to Professoriate.” He has also given other students the chance to rise above their circumstances to become successful with his scholarship. Applicants are required to read the book and answer two questions based on the book in a 1,000-word essay.

Learn more about the 2014 From Failure to Promise Essay Contest.

I Define Success Scholarship

Award: $500
Deadline: July 31, 2014
Available To: College freshman through college seniors

The I Define Success Scholarship is available to undergraduate students. To be considered, you must submit a minimum 700 – word essay describing how you define success, and your plans to be successful.

Learn more about the I Define Success Scholarship.

Don’t Plagiarize Me, Bro!

Award: $1,000
Deadline: July 14, 2014
Available To: Students ages 14+

The Don’t Plagiarize Me, Bro! contest is available to all students above the age of 13 in the U.S. and Canada. To be considered, you must create a short film (90 seconds or less) that conveys the definition of plagiarism.

Learn more about the Don’t Plagiarize Me, Bro! scholarship.

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