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Signs You Should Transfer

Ryan Uricks, Fastweb

January 23, 2008

Signs You Should Transfer
The dream school for one student is a nightmare for another. In less horrifying terms, attending a particular school didn’t turn out the way you wanted. Sometimes transferring to another school is the best choice after you exhausted all attempts to make it work. Here are some signs that it may be time to consider transferring to a new school. Getting Bad Grades
This doesn’t mean that you should bail at the first ‘C’ you receive. If you are consistently receiving bad grades, no matter what the subject, you need to get help. Take advantage of on-campus tutoring or get a private tutor to assist you. If you continue to receive bad grades, then it could be a sign that the school is too demanding for you. Transferring to a school that’s more your speed can get you back on track.

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Dramatic Career Change
Currently at art school and now feel majoring in accounting has better career prospects? When your long term goals demand a career change, it’s a sure sign that transferring is a good idea. If you have lost interest in your current field, you have to move on to where your passion lies. Feeling Depressed
Brief periods of melancholy are to be expected in college, but you should really watch out for long periods of depression. Losing interest in school, feeling hopeless, and being withdrawn for more than two weeks are signs of deep depression. Meet with on-campus counselors to see if this stems from a bad college experience. If attending this school denies you achievement and success in the classroom, consider transferring to a school where you’ll be happier.

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