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Put Your Job Search into High Gear

Ryan Uricks, Fastweb

March 08, 2008

Put Your Job Search into High Gear
Graduation is creeping up on you, but the job search so far has come up short. You may be sending resumes out feverishly, but sometimes this is not the best strategy. The job market is still hurting, but it is possible to land a good job. If you put in hard work and plenty of tenacity, you can have a job by graduation. Here are a few job searching tips to start you off.

Use Your Connections
Whether it is family, friends, or co-workers, your social network is the best way to find a job. Even the loosest connection can lead somewhere, so don’t be ashamed to take advantage of any connection. Getting your foot in the door is better than being left out in the cold!

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Search Anywhere and Everywhere
While you’re dead-set on a job in a city you always dreamed of living in, the job market there may be awful. Casting a wide net in your job search increases your chances of landing a job. List a few areas of the country where you could see yourself living and start looking for jobs in those areas. Be aware that relocation costs might not be covered and that you will have to foot the bill on moving costs. Send Resumes by Snail Mail
It may be old fashioned and not possible for some positions, but if you can mail a resume and cover letter, do it. A physical resume can be a welcome respite to hundreds of email applications. It also shows employers that you are serious about the position and not just resume bombing every job out there. If you know the hiring manager’s name and address, it’s the best chance you have to get your resume read.

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Change Up Resume Styles
You just don’t know why an employer didn’t follow-up on a resume. You’re qualified and fit the job description, but it may not be showing through in your resume. Create new resumes that fit different styles (e.g. chronological, skills-based, accomplishments) and randomly send them out to employers. It’s a gamble, but if one type of resume is getting more responses than the others, use that as your main resume and keep improving it. Let these tips help you recommit to your job search. It’s tough out there, but with hard work and determination, you can find a full-time job that can turn into a life-long career!

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