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Hidden Money for School

Ryan Uricks, Fastweb

November 23, 2009

Hidden Money for School
After tapping the financial aid and scholarship fields dry, where else is there to go? Digging a little deeper can reap big rewards if you work a little harder. Resources are available in your town, at your school, and online. Here are a few lesser-known places where you can find money for school.

Local Community Organizations
Local civic organizations like Kiwanis or Rotary clubs may sponsor local scholarship competitions. These may be advertised in your high school counselor’s office or you might have to snoop around to find out. Check the organization’s website or give them a call to see if they offer scholarships.
Financial Aid Office
Don’t give up yet! If you think you deserve more aid, it doesn’t hurt to call or visit the financial aid office. Over the summer, some schools may have a surplus of financial aid dollars that were left over from students who decided at the last minute not to attend. These dollars could be yours if you’re lucky. Peer Lending
Peer lending sites have sprouted up across the internet and many students are getting strangers to finance their education. Students normally ask others to loan them money for tuition and users will bid on the loan according to the perceived risk of lending. Of course, you will need to pay back your loan, but the benefit of peer lending is that interest rates are usually lower than bank loans or credit cards.

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