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Do You "Fit" Your Dream School?

Ryan Uricks, Fastweb

September 23, 2007

Do You "Fit" Your Dream School?
You’ve gotten into your dream school! But does it really ‘fit’ you? College guides and experts go on and on about ‘fit’ without really explaining what it means. In short, ‘fit’ means what you want from a school and what that school offers are the same. If you’ve been picturing yourself at this school since kindergarten, then facing the fact that it’s not a love connection can be brutal. When visiting a campus, take a look at the following factors before choosing to attend. Classes
The location is perfect and there’s plenty to do, but I’ve taken harder classes in high school! If you are saying this about your potential classes, then you may be in for a boring freshman year. Likewise, 500 person classes may have you thinking your money isn’t going to be well spent. Look over course offerings and average class sizes before you attend. Social Scene

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Are you a party animal or do you spend all the time in your dorm room? A school with parties every day of the week will not appeal to the bookworm. On the flip side, having a campus full of hermits isn’t pleasant either. Ask yourself what type of social life you want in college and find the school that will fit your needs.
College is all about new experiences and meeting different people, but what if you don’t like most of them? No one is expecting that you get along with everyone. However, it’s important to look for people you could see being friends with. Attending an admitted student day or weekend is a great way to seek out potential classmates that you get along with as well as feeling out the rest of the student body.

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This is when ice cold reality collides with the fiery passion of the dream. The school is perfect in every way, but you simply cannot afford to attend. It’s a tough choice: take on heavy loan debt to realize your dream or be sensible and attend an equally good school that’s much cheaper? Think deep and hard about the price tag before choosing to attend. If not now, there’s always grad school!

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