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Choose Staffing as a Career & Love What You Do

Want a meaningful and rewarding career? Learn more about an exciting career in the staffing and recruiting industry.

Elizabeth Hoyt

July 30, 2015

Choose Staffing as a Career & Love What You Do
If you're currently in college considering different career paths or you're about to graduate and considering different job prospects, the workforce solutions industry – that’s staffing and recruiting companies - offer endless diverse professional employment prospects for motivated individuals at all experience levels. Last year, staffing & recruiting was a $130 billion industry in the United States and it continues to grow. In fact, it’s growing twice as fast as the economy. This means the prospects within this career field are great and getting better each day. There’s a world of opportunity within the workforce solutions industry - staffing and recruiting companies are looking to hire new, as well as seasoned, professionals for rewarding, diverse and growing careers.

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By choosing a career within the staffing industry, you’ll take part in a vital role in supporting America’s economy. The industry works to create workforce solutions for companies and jobs for America’s workers across the nation, spanning the majority of American industries and fields. Every day staffing companies help more than three million people get the jobs they need and want in every type of business and industry imaginable. According to the American Staffing Association, “the staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions industry makes a vital contribution to the U.S. economy, and provides outstanding job and career opportunities for some 14 million employees per year.”

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What staffing professionals do really matters, because they’re making a difference in peoples’ lives by connecting them with a better job and, ultimately, a better future. That’s just one of the many great benefits a staffing career has to offer. Additional benefits include (but are not limited to):

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• Diverse Opportunities within the Industry
• Impressive Earning Potential
• Constant Learning and Growth Benefits
• Exciting Career Path Opportunities
• Play a Vital Role in Supporting the American Economy
• Creating Workforce Solutions
• Building Important Relationships
• Meaningful, Rewarding Work
Plus, there’s so much opportunity in the industry, in so many areas. Staffing employees work in virtually all occupations in all sectors: • 37% Industrial
• 28% Office–Clerical and Administrative
• 13% Professional–Managerial
• 13% Engineering, Information Technology, and Scientific
• 9% Health Care
The potential for both learning and earning is boundless. The more you deliver in your work, the more you earn, it’s as simple as that. The American Staffing Association (ASA) website states that, “nine out 10 staffing employees say they were satisfied with their staffing company.” Watch the short video below, which explains the benefits of choosing staffing as a career to learn more about the staffing and recruitment industry and the many benefits it offers: You can also learn more about the staffing industry or staffing careers at

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