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Your Spring Scholarship Search

Stay on track with your scholarship search during spring semester.

Kaitlyn Specht

January 27, 2015

Your Spring Scholarship Search
Returning to school after such a relaxing break can complicate the scholarship search. As a senior with only one semester to go, it is tempting to slack off in spring semester, especially concerning the search for scholarships. Finding and applying for scholarships, however, is not something to put off.
It is time to focus, with a few key pointers.

Set Goals

Add another resolution to your list. It is easier to time manage with concrete goals in front of you. Figure out a realistic number of scholarships to apply for weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc. and stick to it.
By organizing a realistic amount of scholarships to apply for, you will be able to maintain your focus and maximize your time.

Meet With Your Counselor

Talk to your counselor about your scholarship goals. He or she will be able to keep you on task with reminders, tips, and recommendations. Chances are, he or she will also have a list of local scholarships where your odds are a little better.

Organize a Portfolio

Keep common application materials – copies of essays, resumes, transcripts, etc. – filed somewhere accessible to make the application process easier. You will be more motivated to search and apply for scholarships when applying only takes a few files from your readily available portfolio.

Make Some Sacrifices

If you are booked throughout the week, Saturday and Sunday might be your only opportunities to search for scholarships. You may have to forgo plans every once in a while to make time for your scholarship search and application. If deadlines are approaching, think about what is best for your education. Move some things around on your calendar and make it work. It will be worth it. This semester will go by quickly enough, so make the time for your search. Keep in mind your college and career goals and set them into motion. Seek help from your parents, teachers, and counselors to put things in perspective if you are feeling a lack of motivation. Then start applying! The pressure of the scholarship search will be over soon enough. And, if you are successful, you will quickly see the benefits of your hard work with some sweet scholarship winnings!

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