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December College Checklist for Juniors

We know it's getting cold out, but don’t forget about your college search!

Elizabeth Hoyt

November 14, 2019

December College Checklist for Juniors
We know it's cold out, but don’t forget about your college search! There’s so much to do and the winter season is no exception. Here are some suggestions, via the New York Times, of what you can work on this month to get ahead. You’ll be happy you did once crunch time comes along!

Stay Diligent

Don’t leave everything until the summer or fall. There’s plenty of time to start working on those college applications now. If you devote just a small portion of time, 15-30 minutes, daily you’ll be ahead before you even know it!

Talk to Your Parents

If you want to involve your parents in your college search, make sure they know the ways in which you’d like for them to be involved. Even though you’re the one applying, parents will likely want to help in any way they can. Talk to them about your application process, financial expectations, scheduling college visits and meetings with your college counselor. It’s important to have these conversations so that your family is on the same page with your college plan.

Plan Your Summer Early

It’s never too early to plan for the summer. Whether you’d like to get a job, an internship or volunteer to beef up that college application, the time to figure it out is now. Try to plan early before it’s too late and the opportunities are already filled.

Keep Researching

Make a list of what’s important to you in a college and get information about potential colleges so you can see how they match to your expectations. From learning about their application processes to figuring out what your curriculum would look like, college sites are full of important information you need to know. The more prepared you are with information about your potential schools, you’ll be able to easily apply and make an informed decision on which college you’d like to attend once your senior year rolls around.

Schedule Your ACT/SAT Testing & Test Prep Plan

It’s just about time to put together a plan for future ACT or SAT tests. Do you plan on taking prep courses, working with tutors or purchasing materials to help study for the exams? It’s important to know your options and plan ahead so you’ll be prepared come test time.

Continue to Explore Your Options

You may think you know what colleges want to see and you probably do–to a certain extent. Be genuine in whatever you do for your applications. Make sure that any community service or volunteer work you do is because you want to do it, not just to fill a space on your college application. You can remedy this by choosing activities you truly enjoy. Explore different types of activities and opportunities to see what you actually enjoy doing. Remember, as much as you think you know, college admissions officers have been doing this forever. They can easily spot students that aren't being as genuine as they ought to be.

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