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Why I Love Going to a Big Ten School

Different internship opportunities, sports and clubs can be seen around a large campus.

Alison Graham

November 10, 2014

Why I Love Going to a Big Ten School
When I was a senior in high school, I was only looking at colleges within the Big Ten. I came from a relatively small high school and I was ready for college to be an entirely new experience. I went from my high school of 800 people to my college of 40,000. I think what I wanted was pretty obvious.

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To those who are considering a Big Ten school, I have to tell you that I wouldn’t have done anything differently. I am happy everyday that I chose the school I did and that is mostly due to its large size. First of all, the massive size makes sure that you have plenty of options. For example, here at Indiana University, you can enroll in about 70 different languages. Before college, I had no idea there were 70 languages in the world. So that was probably the first thing I learned in college.

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The diversity in language classes extends to all subjects. There are classes on every topic imaginable: the mafia, human sexuality and social media to name a few. The diversity doesn’t stop there either.

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In just two years at a Big Ten school, I have met so many different people from a variety of ethnicities, backgrounds and religions. Meeting these people has opened my eyes to so many different human experiences. It has helped me grow as a person and given me a diverse background that will help me exponentially later in life. The opportunities here abound as well. Different internship opportunities, sports and clubs can be seen around campus. There are always new things going on to get involved in. My freshman year I joined an incredible amount of clubs. I have shamefully dropped many of them (I’m so sorry caving and swing dance club. I’ll never forget you.), but the fact that I had the chance to join at all is still incredible to me. Then, there’s the fact that when you walk around, the majority of people around you don’t know who you are. The anonymity around campus is another aspect, which most people might guess, is a negative aspect of attending a Big Ten school. Although this might seem scary at first, it’s one of the best parts. If you fall down a flight of stairs, the people that witnessed it don’t know you and will probably never see you again. The people that see my walk around campus with my backpack on my front side when it’s raining will never see me again. (Hey, my laptop is in there and I cannot get that wet.) I do not have to live in shame because people will say, “That’s the girl that doesn’t know what a backpack is.” Although enrolling in a Big Ten school may seem scary at first, I highly recommend it. When you first get on campus, it might be intimidating. But just keep on going and things will all fall into place. I promise you will not be the backpack girl. At a Big Ten school, you can be whomever you want.

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