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Why College?

There are endless benefits to having a college degree.

Brandon Huffman

December 07, 2012

Why College?
There are millions of students in the world who are considering going to college and what it means for their future. Some of them, myself included, are going above and beyond, pushing their boundaries to make their college résumés look as impressive as possible. However, there are many people, teens and adults alike, that look at those people with bewilderment, as they could not understand how one person could spend even more of their time and money, going to get more education when they believe it’s unnecessary. Now, I’m not going to sit here and tell everyone who thinks that that they don’t need a college degree that they’re wrong, because I‘d be lying. There are some careers in the world that don’t require a bachelor’s of engineering, or whatever it is that they want to go into.

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On the other hand, if you do have a degree in whatever your major is, then you will more than likely make more than whatever you would without one. You could progress higher in the ranks of the company you’re working for, receive more promotions and bonuses and, perhaps, even go onto start your own company. I will agree with some of you out there, going to college is not necessary, because in a lot of cases it’s not, but, what it is, is beneficial. If you go to college, graduation is generally recommended.

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A graduate with a college degree is much more likely to receive the job they desire than a person who didn't go to college, and that is because they were trained to do a job that the employers want them to do. You will likely have a better grasp on improving your work skills as well. Another pro-college benefit is financial success. We all know that our economy isn't exactly in the best place right now, and that unemployment is higher than it should be. I’m not placing blame on anyone, as it doesn't belong there; I’m just stating what the current situation is. Back to the topic at hand, college graduates make more than those who did not go to college. It’s that simple. If you want to make more money to support your family, your luxurious needs, or whatever it is that you need money for, than going to college is the best decision for you, rather than trying to maintain two or three lower-paying jobs.

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I know that many people look at colleges, especially private universities, and practically have a heart attack about how expensive they are, sometimes up to $60,000 per year. Yeah, I know, that’s a bit ridiculous, but here’s the thing: colleges are almost never as expensive as they say they are. There are countless places that have scholarships for just about anything: being over 6’1”, being one-eighth Alaskan descent or having the last name Leavenworth. The numbers of scholarships are endless, and then you factor in financial aid from the state and federal government, and the price for college is already much lower than the initial cost. I’m not saying that going to college is the only way to make these things happen, experience and work ethic are important as well. If you have been in your field for 20 plus years and you work hard rather than hardly work, then there is a good chance you could successfully start your own business or get more promotions and bonuses. But, if you have a college degree on your résumé when you’re applying for a job, you will more than likely get a job more quickly than someone without one, and the sooner you are in your field, the better it is for you.

What pro/con college points would you make?

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