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What to Remember When Submitting College Applications

Remember, you’re ultimately the one attending the school, so the final decision of where you attend college should be yours!

Riley Harrison

November 09, 2015

What to Remember When Submitting College Applications
November is usually when students begin submitting college applications. Some colleges have rolling admissions which means you may get an admission decision at any time. Other schools do not notify applicants of their admission decisions until late March. Of course, this may seem very far away in a high school student’s mind. However, it is right around the corner. When you are making decisions among where to apply, it seems like the options and application process is endless, but once you have narrowed the list down to which schools fit for you, it becomes easier. And, as we begin to submit applications, it all becomes very real.

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This is where a lot of drama begins among students. Friends start talking about their first choice school. Family starts giving you input on where they think you should attend.
And while advice can be helpful, don’t let others affect your thoughts on certain schools where you applied or affect your thoughts on which schools you think will work best for you.

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Remember, you’re ultimately the one attending the school, so the final decision should be your own. So what happens after you have submitted your applications? You wait and wait and wait some more. One thing is certain: you should not spend time stressing over the colleges awaited decisions of your admission. You may start having second thoughts about applications or even about the schools you applied to.

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Don’t second guess your applications; the reality is that you might receive some acceptances and some denials – and that’s okay! If you did the research when applying, you remain confident with your choices of where you applied. Wherever you end up choosing to attend, you will be happy.

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