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What’s Your Vote: Top 10 Party Schools of 2013

Who will make the top 10 party schools list this year?

By Kathryn Knight Randolph

July 20, 2012

What’s Your Vote: Top 10 Party Schools of 2013 What’s Your Vote: Top 10 Party Schools of 2013

It’s that time year of again. Just as college students are packing up and heading back to school, The Princeton Review releases its college rankings for the next school year. Among the rankings for students who study the most, happiest campuses and most politically active is the list that everyone’s clamoring to see: the top 10 party schools.

Though the list isn’t out yet, everyone has their opinions on who should be number one. Take a look at last year’s list, and tell us, who should make the top ten list this year?

10. University of Texas
9. University of Florida
8. Florida State University
7. Pennsylvania State University
6. West Virigina University
5. University of California – Santa Barbara
4. University of Iowa
3. University of Mississippi
2. University of Georgia
1. Ohio University

Who should be on the top ten list year? Tell us, does the top ten party schools list even matter to you?

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