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Ways to Educate Yourself for Free

Kizzy shares ways that you can educate yourself for free. And who doesn't like free learning?

Kizzy Preston

November 23, 2011

Ways to Educate Yourself for Free
I've previously written here on Fastweb about the importance of borrowing student loan funds wisely. I am also an advocate for students pursing scholarship opportunities that they qualify for in order to offset the cost of a college education. There are, however, other ways that you can gain an education without going into debt. Do you want to know more about marketing, chemistry, trigonometry, psychology, or British literature all at no extra cost to yourself? There is a way to make this possible. While you will not be given a grade or even a degree, you CAN learn for free. According to the article "Three Ways to Get a Free College Education (No Strings)" there are options that allow students to learn all they want at no cost.

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Technology has made college courses and information available to students in a way that they never were in the past. It is easy now to just type in a topic online and come up with a lot of valuable information from colleges and universities. Tim Beyers, the writer of this article, suggests visiting iTunes U where colleges such as Yale and Harvard University post content like podcasts and videos from their courses. Can you imagine having access to the same information that other students paid tens of thousands of dollars for, all at no cost? Beyers also suggests going onto YouTube to view videos from various colleges. There you will find information on just about everything from economics to cosmetology. If you have desire to simply learn you can get lost on YouTube for hours, just absorbing information.

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On my blog Second Chance, I previously wrote a post about Free Education which details other ways to go about gaining knowledge for free including visiting MIT's website.
On their website they provide a list of over 1,000 courses that the general public can view and take at no charge. The subjects range from architecture to women's studies. The learner who uses this website gets to view the professors' lecture notes, the exams with the answer key, homework assignments for the class, and the reading list. If a learner chooses to buy their books from Amazon they will receive a 10% discount.

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Lastly, there is always the public library which houses books, and resources on every subject you can imagine. All you need is a library card and a hunger for education, and you are able to learn absolutely free. This is not to say that obtaining an actual degree, which you will have to pay for, is a waste of time. It still remains true that a person with a college degree will earn more money over the course of their lifetime than someone who only has a high school diploma. It is, however, equally important to find as many ways as you can to be educated at a minimal cost to yourself.

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