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Ways for your College Student to Spend Summer Break


June 10, 2009

Ways for your College Student to Spend Summer Break
For college students, summer break is a chance to get caught up in coursework, earn money for the next semester, prepare for their career or simply relax and reconnect with friends and family. There are many available ways to spend summer break – and it depends on your student and what year they are in, as to which direction is best for them. Besides video games, hanging out with friends, Facebook and Myspace, there are some productive ways for your student to stay busy over summer break. While some fun and downtime is encouraged – students should find ways to continue towards their goals, whether it means getting a job, finding an internship, taking extra classes, or traveling. If your student has just finished their freshman year, it isn’t necessary to expect them to know what their career path is going to be, but they can certainly begin to consider areas to explore. Whereas, if your student is further along in their college career, summer break is a perfect opportunity for them build experience or training in their selected field. If your student’s most important goal for the break is to earn money, encourage them to find a decent paying summer job or one that they can work additional hours to earn more. It’s always great if your student can find such a job in their chosen field of study, gaining invaluable experience. But keep in mind, if they’re still early in their college career, specific experience may not be as important as earning money during summer break so they’ll have more time to study during the academic year. If your student has limited time to earn money during their summer break due to other plans, they can leverage a few hours online for additional resources. Students can use their summer break to search for and apply for scholarships, set up a account to earn money for academic achievements, or line up on-campus jobs for the following semester.

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Students should also spend some time over summer break to review the requirements for their major or field of interest. Students benefit from ensuring their class schedule is conducive to their lifestyle, location of residence, proximity to other classes and activities, etc. Taking a few extra minutes to prepare and plan, before the hustle and bustle of school starts again will help them have a successful semester. They can use extra time during the summer to look into post-graduation options, such as obtaining a graduate degree or pursuing a career path. Other summer break options include traveling, studying abroad, taking extra classes, volunteering, interning and much more. While they need to relax, they certainly don’t need to start a new semester after three months of doing nothing – they’ll have a much harder time getting back into the swing of school. Whichever way your student decides to spend summer break, make sure they balance productivity with a little enjoyment. Article Courtesy of

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