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Waiting on Admissions Decisions

What is important to remember is that a college rejection isn't really going to determine your future or your happiness.

Jamie Vincent

March 26, 2014

Waiting on Admissions Decisions Waiting on Admissions Decisions

It can be really difficult waiting for college admission decisions to arrive. A significant part of your future hinges on one “yes” or one “no.” And once those applications are sent out, there is little to do but wait and worry.

What is important to remember is that a college rejection isn’t really going to determine your future or your happiness.

What you learn in college, what you’ll experience while you’re in college and who you’ll become after college is much more important than where you go to college.

It is true that attending a college that can offer you a high quality education can be an important step in finding success; but I do believe that anyone who possesses the motivation and discipline to succeed will succeed, with or without the prestigious diploma.

I have been waiting for the admission decisions from my top college choices for months and am currently only a few days away from what I expect will be either total elation or total devastation.

It is so hard to not know. However, I do know it is true—even though it doesn’t always feel true—that a college acceptance or rejection does not and cannot define my worth.

Being accepted to my dream school does not give me the license to be any less of a person—morally, intellectually or otherwise. It also does not guarantee any future successes.

Additionally, facing rejection from a college does not invalidate the successes I reported on my application, nor does it inhibit my ability to be successful in the future.

I will be the same person, with the same ability to succeed, regardless of one “yes” or one “no.”

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