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Using Technology as a Study Tool

Why not come up with a few alternative study methods?

Riley Harrison

January 27, 2016

Using Technology as a Study Tool
Studying is hard. I’ve tried everything from putting a piece of candy on every other page of a textbook to make myself read faster to drinking smoothies with “energy foods.” Why not come up with a few alternative study methods? Some teachers are pro-technology while others are anti-technology. Even if a teacher doesn’t allow you to use your phone or computer during class, these are great study tools. Not to mention, the internet’s collection of study resources is a lot more interesting than staring blankly at a textbook! Here are some online study resources that can make your life a whole lot better:

1. Sparknotes

Sparknotes is a terrific tool for English class. Sparknotes has chapter summaries, character lists and descriptions, main themes, and much more for lots of different titles. Although this provides great summaries, be sure not to rely on Sparknotes in place of reading the actual book.

2. Khan Academy

This is a YouTube channel with over a whopping 2 million subscribers. The channel has detailed tutorials and lessons of various subjects in the areas of math and science. I have watched videos on this channel when I am confused on certain equations, as well as concept reviews when I don’t want to reread my notes 1,000 times.

3. Quizlet

Quizlet is an online resource and app that's main function is to allow you to create flashcard sets. For me, digital flashcards are one of the greatest study tools to exist. No more carrying index cards around. With Quizlet you can practice flashcards anywhere you are. So much more convenient for students with busy lives! So whether laziness is taking over or traditional studying is just not for you, technology is a fantastic resource for study tools!

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