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Top Ways Online Learning is Changing

Online education may never completely replace traditional forms of schooling, but is valued enough by students that it's certainly here to stay.

Elizabeth Hoyt

January 11, 2013

Top Ways Online Learning is Changing
The online sector is an ever-changing, ever-growing market, especially in terms of education. Though many areas are still new and in development stages, many advances have been made within recent years to improve the learning experience for users and institutions alike. Below are some of the most significant changes that have occurred as a part of the online learning movement. • Higher Performing Students

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- Online students perform at higher levels than students taking traditional courses, according to a 2009 study by The Department of Education
- The K-12 system has surpassed most major colleges and universities in terms of online learning, though most institutions recognize the value of an online education and have followed suit, offering courses online
- Many students taking top-tier university courses only rank higher than students actually enrolled in the universities. For example, a Stanford course offered online ranked the top Stanford student at 411th in the class, behind many online students

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- Online education is pushing the education system towards a more competency-based learning values • Extra Options
- As a result of the high demand an online education, many universities have responded with improved online courses

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- Accessibility had drastically improved within the past few years, especially in terms of testing organization that’s now available online and throughout the world
- Students are often able to complete online courses at their own speed
- Professors are able to experiment with new and innovative teaching techniques and get results from users about the best learning methods around the world at a faster pace, anywhere from tens to hundreds of thousands of students
Increasing Enrollment Trends
- By 2014, the majority of students are projected to be taking some courses online, according to a study done by Ambient Insight
- Most experts believe that future generations of students will prefer the convenience of learning at their own pace
- Companies like Straighter Line, Semester Online and Udemy offer a variety of online-courses, open to anyone, for credit
- Many accredited colleges and universities now offer online courses free of charge via recorded course lectures on webcasts, commonly through sites such as YouTube or iTunes
- MOOC’s (Massive Open Online Courses), like Coursera (founded by Harvard and MIT), Udacity (founded by a Stanford professor) and edX (founded by a second faculty member at Stanford), have begun partnering with numerous universities to offer free online courses through catalogues
- Students are able to choose from a vast selection of course options from a variety of colleges they may not otherwise have access to because of location and/or funding
It will be many years before campuses are surpassed by the online experience, if ever, but these changes clearly show that the online education sector is growing, has value and is here to stay.

What other types of grow have you seen online, in terms of education?

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