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Top 10 U.S. College Spring Break Party Destinations of 2015

You can have your spring break experience and stay on budget!

Elizabeth Hoyt

February 12, 2015

Top 10 U.S. College Spring Break Party Destinations of 2015
We get it – semesters are long and you’re more than ready for a break. Let’s be more specific: you’re ready for an amazing spring break. We’re guessing your qualifications include fun, sun and – yikes – somewhere you can afford on a student budget.

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If you can’t afford go on an expensive getaway and, let’s get real, most college students can’t, why not consider visiting one of this year’s top spring break party schools, instead? No matter where you are in the U.S., the good news is that there’s a college nearby. You never know – maybe one of your friends goes to a school on the list! Although “school” likely isn't the first word you’d typically associate with fun or your break, as long as it’s not your school, it doesn't really matter, does it? It’s not like you’ll be attending classes – you just intend on crashing on a couch for a few nights… So, network with your friends and see where you can stay so you can have an economical (OK - let’s just put it out there - cheap) and fun spring break vacation that you can actually afford without breaking the bank. If looking to coordinate your trip with friends attending different schools, you can check online to find the specific dates of colleges’ spring breaks. At any of these listed locations, you’re guaranteed to be surrounded by your peers in an awesome city, whether it’s sun, sand or snow surrounding you. It’s up to you to have fun once you’re there, but with those elements, it doesn’t sound like it’ll be too difficult to start the party. After pinpointing the hottest U.S. spring break destinations on the U.S. News & World Report - Travel “Best Cheap Spring Break Destinations” list and a list of “10 Great Places for Affordable Spring Breaks” via USA Today, we cross-referenced the lists with data from Spring Break List and College Crowdometer. Those who ranked highest within the top ten are awesome spots to spend spring break, have affordable flight, dining and hotel (or package) options for students, and have colleges nearby. Thus, we came up with our top ten spring break party schools. Have a safe and fun spring break, everyone! Let's start the spring break countdown, from the number ten party college destination:
10. Colorado Mountain College - Breckenridge, CO
Maybe sun isn’t your thing, which is cool because plenty of your peers prefer snow and ski over sun and sand, too. Sick snow bunnies and shredders unite over a cup of cocoa, the best spots for freshies and a fireplace. After a long day on the slopes, of course. For this type of college spring break, Colorado Mountain College (CMC) is the place to be. The western Colorado college boasts eleven campuses, one of which is located in Breckenridge, where world-class skiers gather for the amazing slopes. The Breckenridge campus focuses on associate degree programs; however, they do award bachelor’s degrees, as of 2012. CMC’s associate programs are designed to send graduates to one of the state’s four-year degree institutions so, when the party’s over on the slopes; you can warm up to the idea of a great education, too.
9. Hawaii Pacific University - Honolulu, HI
Life is but a dream – or at least feels like it when you’re on an island as beautiful as Hawaii. Taking a spring break vacation to Hawaii Pacific University sounds quite dreamy, if you ask us. The university has two main campuses to choose from, Honolulu and Hawaii Loa, since it’s the largest private university in the central Pacific, with nearly 9,000 students in its diverse student body.
8. Arizona State University – Tempe, AZ
If surf isn’t your thing, why not try the desert heat? There’s no place like Arizona State University to get your desert pool party on, located in Tempe, Arizona. ASU spreads across four campuses, though, so you have your pick of locations: Tempe, northwest Phoenix, eastern Mesa and Downtown Phoenix.
7. University of California - La Jolla, CA
San Diego is home to picturesque views, perfect weather and beautiful people. In addition to the sun’s rays, San Diego offers a variety of activities for sea-lovers, like surfing and scuba-diving. University of California San Diego is located here, too. This university is well-known as a research institution, where the school focuses on sea and space studies, but also has plenty of other degree programs to choose from.
6. University of Miami – Miami, FL
Welcome to Miami, Bienvenido a Miami! Will Smith’s “Miami” song is now a spring break classic hit and is often heard echoing on the white hot, sandy beaches of Miami and South Beach. You may not hear it as often on University of Miami’s campus since students are much more focused on their academics than their tan lines (at least when school is in session).
5. Coastal Carolina University – Conway, SC
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is another great destination for spring breakers; especially since students traveling won’t have to fight the crowds flocking to Florida but still receive fun in the sun and sand between their toes. Add some friends to the mix and that’s really all you need to have a great break experience. Located just eight miles from Myrtle Beach, Coastal Carolina University is home to nearly 10k undergrads.
4. Daytona State College - Daytona Beach, FL
Google “best U.S. spring break college locations” and Daytona Beach is sure to come up on the list and there are plenty of reasons why. Sure, they want to shed the party image, but it may be difficult with flocks of college students coming over spring break to enjoy the sun, sand and affordability of the area. Plus, during the spring season, college students take advantage of spring break party package deals offered to students. But, for more than 28,000 students attending Daytona State College, life isn’t always a party. The college offers over 100 certificate, associate and bachelor's degree programs for its students. Notably, one of Daytona State’s programs includes an opportunity of qualified first-time-in-college students to earn a degree in one of seven Bachelor of Science in Education tracks for $10,000. Tuition at that price? Now that is something to throw a party about!
3. University of Texas-Pan American – Edinburg, TX
Did you know that South Padre Island isn't just an island dedicated to the art of “spring breaking?” Real people (meaning: non-spring breakers) actually get the luxury of living, working and some even get to go to school on the island, too. That sounds like the life! The University of Texas-Pan American is located just over an hour from the island and is actually a Hispanic-serving institution, which commits to helping first-generation, low-income Hispanic students complete college successfully.
2. University of Puerto Rico – San Juan, PR
If you’re lucky enough to get away to an island this spring break, Puerto Rico is definitely one of the hot spots to consider in the U.S. In addition to being one of the best on our top ten, it’s also home University of Puerto Rico’s eleven campus locations. According to Wikipedia, UPR has the most diverse academic courses and degree tracks within the Caribbean, consisting of nearly 500 degree offerings and more than 30 doctoral programs.
1. University of Nevada - Las Vegas, NV
It’s going to be the hot spot of MTV’s Spring Break 2015 destination for those 21 and over and, if that’s not an indicator that this is the place to be, we’re not sure what is. MTV’s has chosen Vegas as the hot spot for the past four years as their spring break headquarters for a reason: it’s Vegas, baby! If you’re lucky enough to attend MTV’s Spring Break festivities, the “official” base of MTV’s operations will be at The Palms Casino and Resort. With entertainment at every turn, from casinos and shows to restaurants and clubs, this is one spot where any student could seriously unwind. Students at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas (UNLV) obviously exercise will power on a daily basis by choosing the classrooms at University of Nevada Las Vegas over the Vegas Strip. Go figure. The university is known for having the only dental and law schools within the state, as being “research-intensive,” and has a top hospitality programs within the nation – which is great for students, who can gain invaluable experience at infamous hotels, restaurants and clubs on the Las Vegas strip. Additional References: Globe Newswire

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