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Top 10 Things that College Taught Us About Life

Adam Starr Via Monstercollege.Com

December 14, 2009

Top 10 Things that College Taught Us About Life

9. Writing/Communication

Every single person in every single job needs to have a basic ability to communicate in the written medium. Whether we are engineers, or chemists, or marketing managers, we need to be able to express ourselves cogently on paper. Email has quickly become the medium of choice for corporate correspondence. It is a professional necessity to be able to articulate your objectives in a clear and organized manner.
Max200w paper and laptop
While most of us won’t be writing too many academic treatises out in the Real World - we will be required to write compelling cover letters, resumes, thank you cards, and all of the communications that make up our professional existence. You don’t have to be a wordsmith to be able to hammer out effective written documents. College gave us ample opportunity to practice our messaging, and it’s a fortuitous thing that it did, you’ll be using those writing/communication skills every day.

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