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Top 10 Spring Break Party Schools

Check out our list for the top 10 Spring Break party schools!

Elizabeth Hoyt

January 28, 2014

Top 10 Spring Break Party Schools
The list is in – just in time to confirm your Spring Break plans are right on the money! If you can’t afford go on an expensive getaway (which most college students can’t), why not consider visiting on of this year’s top Spring Break party schools? You never know – maybe one of your friends goes to a school on the list! If looking to collaborate with friends, you can check to see if you can find the dates of their Spring Break listed here here.

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The top locations – both in terms of weather and the parties – have been ranked, taking into account the top party schools list from The Princeton Preview and Playboy’s Top Party Schools crossed with top Spring Break destinations from travel resources Student City and the Travel Channel. Remember, Spring Break is a great opportunity to have fun with friends and create great memories that will last a lifetime. But it’s also important to remember to remain safe at all times by being aware of your surroundings, staying with groups and always staying in control! Now, here’s the list you’ve been waiting for - check out the top ten Spring Break party schools of 2014:

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10. Colorado Mountain College

Perhaps sand isn’t your Spring Break style. That’s ok, there are Spring Breakers that prefer snow and ski over sun and sand! If so, Colorado Mountain College (CMC) is the place to be. One of the western Colorado’s eleven campuses is located in Breckenridge, where world-class skiers gather for the slopes.

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The Breckenridge campus focuses on associate degree programs; however, they do award bachelor’s degrees, as of 2012. CMC’s associate programs are designed to send graduates to one of the state’s four-year degree institutions so, when the party’s over on the slopes; you’ll have a great education, too.

9. University of California - San Diego

If surf and sand are your thing, then look no further. University of California, San Diego, calls La Jolla, CA, home and home is where the students go to surf, scuba dive and soak up the sun. The university is known as being a top research spot for sea and space studies, based on its prime location, but also has plenty of other options available under the sun. San Diego may be number nine on the list due to the laid back lifestyle but, depending on your location, it may become your number one spot this Spring Break. It sounds like you won’t regret it!

8. Tulane University

What else are students attending Tulane University, located in New Orleans, LA, going to do over Spring Break, if not party hardy? After all, Spring Break occurs just as the Mardi Gras celebrations have ended, so they need something else to focus on.
Of course, students at Tulane focus on their studies too – after all, it wouldn’t be ranked among the Top National Universities, according to U.S. News and World Report, in the United States if they didn’t!

7. University of Puerto Rico

If you have the option, why not make it an island getaway this Spring Break? Still a U.S. destination, the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) is sure to be a hot spot this Spring Break. If you fall in love with Puerto Rico on Spring Break, you can apply at the university. According to Wikipedia, UPR “has the largest and most diverse academic offerings in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, with 472 academic programs and 32 doctoral programs.” So you’ll likely have more options than you’ll know what to do with. Plus, offering sun, sand and poolside, parties – you’ll feel like you’re abroad on Spring Break, but you aren’t. How exotic!

6. University of Florida

Florida has always been a top Spring Break destination – based on location, affordability and, well, parties! As a result, the University of Florida, in Gainesville, FL, holds the number six slot. Of course it was going to make the list – with beaches galore and enough sun to go around for all students, what else could any Spring Breaker want in a party school? But, the school has a lot more to offer than just Spring Break. In fact, it ranked 17th among all public national universities in 2013 within U.S. News and World Report rankings in addition to consistently ranking amongst the top 100 universities worldwide. Sounds like Spring Break is just icing on top of the cake!

5. Arizona State University

The desert heat isn’t the only thing that makes Arizona State University a hot spot this Spring Break – it’s the parties that land this location at the middle of the list, too. Who cares if there’s no surf, Arizona still lets Spring Breakers party like it's hot! The university is known as hot spot, too – just in a different way. Not only is it a national space-grant institution, it’s also the largest public university in the United States, based on enrollment. With five campuses, organized into one single institution, students are able to choose from five different campus locations: Tempe, Lake Havasu, northwest Phoenix, eastern Mesa and Downtown Phoenix. Lake Havasu, however, is located on the lake - not in the Phoenix area - so it's the prime locale for all ASU students and other students, alike, to flock to join in on the Spring Break festivities!

4. Florida State University

Known for years as the ultimate Spring Break destination, Panama City capitalizes on entertaining high school and college students throughout March and April. Florida State University, offers Spring Breakers a great time without breaking bank near Panama City, Florida. Those flocking to this destination know how to keep up with the best of them, coming in at number four on the list.
The location may be known for Spring Break, but the university is known as being a “Budget Ivy” university, with a strong focus on graduate studies.

3. University of Texas-Pan American

Ah, South Padre. What else comes to mind other than Spring Break? The Texas’ island has been home for Spring Breakers for years and there’s no question why: they’ve got Spring Break down to a science. For some, it’s actually home. In fact, real people get the luxury of living there and some lucky folks actually get to go to school there, too, at University of Texas-Pan American. The university, located in Edinburg, TX, is a Hispanic-serving institution, which commits to helping first-generation, low-income Hispanic students complete college successfully. Luckily, for Spring Breakers, when school’s out (and, even sometimes when it’s not), South Padre Island is ready to party and show everyone what Spring Break is all about.

2. University of Miami

Welcome to Miami, Bienvenido a Miami. Now, a seemingly Spring Break classic, Will Smith’s “Miami” is more than decade old, but the song can still be heard echoing along Florida’s white hot, sandy beaches. Claiming the number two spot, the The University of Miami, located in Coral Gables, FL., offers sun, sand and ocean – which likely helps position it as one of the top Spring Break destination atmospheres around. The students who attend the university may not feel like partying all year, given rigorous academics, the school ranks on U.S. News and World Report’s 2014 “Best Colleges” national list.

1. University of Nevada - Las Vegas

It’s Vegas, baby! MTV’s has chosen Vegas as the hot spot for the past three years as the place to be for spring break for a reason. University of Nevada – Las Vegas is just east of entertainment galore, from the casinos and clubs, to restaurants and rendezvous. Students at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas (UNLV) surely know how to exercise will power – and it shows. The school houses the only dental and law schools within the state, is known as being “research-intensive,” and has a top hospitality programs within the nation, likely due to its proximity to the infamous hotels on the Las Vegas strip. It’s where any student can relax, unwind and sit poolside and, if you’re lucky enough, attend MTV’s Spring Break festivities. Seriously, what more could a college Spring Breaker ask for?

Think your school should be on this list? Let us know which school and why!

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