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Top 10 Party Schools of 2012

There's more that meets the eyes at America's Top Party Schools.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

August 10, 2011

Top 10 Party Schools of 2012
2. University of Georgia – Athens, Georgia Claiming the number one spot last year for top party school, University of Georgia was obviously usurped this year. And while they’re still clinging to one of the top spots on this list, they make an appearance on several others as well. They are the only school on the Top 10 Party List that has some of the best food on campus in the country, claiming the number six spot on the Best Campus Food List. In addition to placing tenth on the Major Frat and Sorority Scene List and fifteenth on the Jock Schools List, University of Georgia also claims ninth for Best Health Services and fifteenth for Best Athletic Facilities. 1. Ohio University – Athens, Ohio It must be something about a city named “Athens” that just leads students to party. While the school in Athens, Georgia claimed the title last year, it’s the school in Athens, Ohio that’s most known for partying in 2012. Ohio University also has some of the Best Athletic Facilities, coming in at number six on that list. On both the Major Fraternity and Sorority Scene and Most Beautiful Campus Lists (the only school on the Top 10 Party List to also make this List), the University ranked eleventh. It’s also home to the twelfth Best College Newspaper. And finally, in a very telling superlative of the campus’ academic climate, Ohio University landed the number 19 spot on the Most Accessible Professors List, the only top 10 party school to make it onto this list as well. NOTE: Princeton Review Rankings should be reviewed with a grain of salt. The Princeton Review surveys students and their answers determine how the school ranks. According to the Princeton Review, "each college is given a score (similar to a GPA) for its students' answers to each multiple-choice question. These scores enable us to compare student opinion from college to college. They are the sole factors that determine which schools make it onto our 62 ranking lists." There is no input from collegiate administrators or professors so these assessments only reflect the student body perspective of each school. With that, they also don't reflect the opinions of the entire student body. Only around 122,000 students in the country were surveyed this year.

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