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Top 10 Party Schools of 2012

There's more that meets the eyes at America's Top Party Schools.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

August 10, 2011

Top 10 Party Schools of 2012
5. University of California -- Santa Barbara, CA While there isn’t a rankings list for Best Location, UC Santa Barbara would have definitely made that list. Located right on the Pacific Coast, it’s no wonder students feel entitled to “chill” so often. Though it is a top party school, the University also ranks 13 on the Best Health Services List and number 11 on the Happiest Students List. 4. University of Iowa – Iowa City, IA The University of Iowa doesn’t just have a party scene it has a Major Frat and Sorority Scene, as evidenced by its number 13 ranking on the Greek Life list. Sports only add to the University of Iowa’s happening college campus. The school is 14 on the Students Pack the Stadium List. 3. University of Mississippi – University, MS Often referred to as Ole Miss, the University of Mississippi graces many other Princeton Review lists besides top party school. It seems that everything this school does, it does well. Ole Miss also comes in at number three on the Major Fraternity and Sorority Scene List, and like most of the other larger schools on the top party list, the University of Mississippi also is also known as a school where Students Pack the Stadium with a seventh place ranking. According to the Princeton Review, the University has the fourteenth Best School Newspaper, but what is really telling about Ole Miss is how the students regard their way of campus life. It ranked tenth on the Happiest Students List and also landed the number 16 spot on the Best Quality of Life List.

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