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Top 10 Party Schools of 2012

There's more that meets the eyes at America's Top Party Schools.

By Kathryn Knight Randolph

August 10, 2011

Top 10 Party Schools of 2012 Top 10 Party Schools of 2012

Last week, the Princeton Review released its annual rankings lists, and while the lists attempt a well-rounded approach to ranking schools based on everything from academics to political sway, the only list that draws any real publicity is the Top Party School list.

College presidents despise this list. Parents fear it. And students use the list to further tout their school’s awesomeness or refute the fact that their own didn’t make the list when they “know from experience how crazy it gets.” Whatever the reaction, these “party schools” offer much more than just a great Saturday night so we’re digging in to discover what lies beneath the party school façade of the top 10.

10. University of Texas – Austin, TX

Everything is bigger in Texas – even the parties. But the University of Texas is more than just a good time. Strengthening its more studious side, the University also ranked 17 on the Best College Library list as well as four on the list for Best Career Services.

Overall, it’s just a happy place to be and the proof lies in the fact that it ranks 14 on the Happiest Students list. Additionally, the University of Texas landed in the number 18 spot on Great College Towns List, 15 on the Students Pack the Stadium List and 10 for Best College Newspaper.

9. University of Florida – Gainesville, FL

While the campus may indulge in more than just Gatorade after a big game, the University of Florida claimed places on many other rankings lists to show that it’s not just known for sports-centered celebrations on campus.

It beat out every other school in the country for Best Career Services and also won the number two spot on the Students Pack the Stadiums List. On that note, it also made 19 on the Everyone Plays Intramural Sports List.

Finally, the school ranked number 10 for Best Health Services and 16 for Best Athletic Facilities.

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