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The Scholarship Seeking Ordeal

Scholarships are one unique method of worry-free financing.

Diane Won

January 10, 2014

The Scholarship Seeking Ordeal
The occasion for uncovering monetary resources has arrived! After all, anybody can use some free money for costly academic endeavors. Scholarships are one unique method of worry-free financing.
Also known as “gift” money, scholarships do not require compensation. Moreover, scholarships come in many sizes. No set amount prevails. Thus, scholarships are quite attractive in terms of funding...
However, finding scholarships is another story. Discovering suitable scholarships is both easy and challenging. Easy in that some scholarships are spot-on. Challenging, because there is a countless amount of scholarships available. Other scholarships are also more concealed, found out only if one possesses the capacity to scrutinize the proper places.
No need to worry, the process of discovering scholarships is not as scary as it seems. I have an uncomplicated strategy of picking out a few, straightforward scholarships out of the numerous bunch. Every so often, I sift through my Fastweb scholarship suggestions I receive daily by email. Easy as pie. Scholarship Qualifications There are multiple kinds of scholarships available to different types of people. Some scholarships are simply about you. The following characteristics may land you with moolah: ● Age
● Ethnicity
● Gender
● What college you attend
● Your field of study
● Certain abilities
Varying Forms ● Other scholarships require a little more effort. These scholarships may appeal to your talents, or hobbies. For one, there are scholarships for which you must submit an essay based on a given prompt. Sending in a video may be another option. Likewise, turning in your accomplishments or GPA can allow for another scholarship, in which you are compared to the other contestants.
As for me, sadly enough, I am not very daring with scholarships - not a positive aspect. I gravitate toward the easier scholarships for which I do not have to work. My primary issue is that I am LAZY. Fortunately, there is hope for me. Writing is my top skill, so I intend to try a writing scholarship soon. Learn from this case not to stall. Be quick in selecting the sort of scholarships right for you! Do not be a coward in the face of starkly competitive scholarships. Though you should never be afraid to undertake the more personal scholarships, effortless scholarships exist as well. Painless scholarships such as these will, at the most, request that you register for an account before you carry out a one minute, general application. The Proper Mindset 1. Keep yourself from becoming discouraged. Refrain from negativity.
2. Be an open book, eager to take chances.
3. Consistently apply for any scholarships that appeal to you because it certainly does not hurt to aspire.
For every scholarship you apply for, you open up new opportunities for yourself, in contrast to doing nothing except moping over how you see other’s names in the “winners” categories. Perhaps if you generate enough attempts as those “lucky” victors did, the next winner will be you. 4. Enter as many scholarships as you are capable of. Double the ventures!
5. Be thorough as well as concise in your scholarship hunt.
6. Do not wait until the last minute to notice and take part in scholarships. Though you may dread the whole financial business, do not procrastinate. It is better to be safe than sorry. The Best Time Believe it or not, it is never too early to sign up for scholarships. 1. Start entering scholarships as soon as your freshman year of high school.
Although many scholarships are restricted to seniors, the wieldier scholarships previously mentioned are accessible to a wider range of ages.Entirely ignoring scholarships until half of your senior year has passed is too last-minute. You would not want to miss out on scholarships merely due to the fact that you were unknowingly late in your scholarship quest. You can redeem yourself in that there could still be a scanty selection of scholarships by then. Nonetheless, the better ones will have expired and you will not have much time remaining. 2. Get yourself enough alone time to fill out scholarship forms.
The most favorable interval for your scholarship exploration is during vacations, such as summer break or winter break. Where to Look ● Multitudes of diverse scholarships can be unearthed on various websites like Fastweb.
● Inquire of your high school counselor about local scholarships sponsored by the city or by large organizations.
● Accomplish the obvious - Attend any scholarship information nights at your high school.
The After Procedure You have chosen a couple of scholarships. You sent in the necessities, then wished yourself luck. Now what? 1. Make sure to keep track of all the scholarships you participate in.
2. Mark the dates on which the winners will be posted.
3. No need to feel bummed out over a defeat.
Apply for another scholarship to make up for that loss. Do not dwell on what has already happened. Scholarships are a go-to remedy for loose change. But scholarships are just a single way of obtaining money for your education. Disregarding financial support like financial aid or loans in lieu of scholarships would be a massive mistake. Take into account all of your economic options.Consider scholarships as extra fortuities, there for you to leap on at your convenience. Yet the significance of scholarships is not to be underscored. Fellow members of Fastweb, take the risks. Hold back your fear in addition to your sluggishness. Oh, the ever present woe of footing a bill. Money is often the major interference. Therefore, your scholarship search is extremely important. Only you are affected by your scholarship pursuits. Simply put, the scholarships you land will change your destiny for the better. We are talking about free money, without cost. Press on with your scholarship search! Hang in there; your drudgery will pay off. Make a difference in your own life.

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