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The Early Decision Debate

Do your research to determine if you should be an early bird when it comes to college decisions.

Brandon Huffman

September 18, 2013

The Early Decision Debate
It’s finally here: senior year. However, while the closeness of graduation is on the minds of almost everybody, one thing lingers there still: college. For seniors, it is finally that time where college is within our grasps but, before we can pack our bags and move onto the next level, we need to be accepted first. Many people will apply to college the so-called normal way; by sending in your applications by January and waiting to hear back by March.

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However, if you are 100 percent positive of where you want to go and that there’s no other school in the world for you, then early decision may be right for you. Early decision can be a scary process, as it is a legal contract with that college and, if you get accepted to that college through early decision, then that’s it, that’s where you’re going. Also, if you are accepted to more than one college through early decision, it can be nightmare to try to break that contract and to go to only one college afterwards.

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Even with this risk, there are some schools that have a higher acceptance rate through early decision than through their regular process. Not all colleges are like that, however, so doing your research is vital.
The main benefit of applying early decision is that you know in early to mid-December whether or not you got accepted into your top-choice college.

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There’s also the fact that if you get accepted into early decision, you don’t need to spend money on every other college application, ultimately saving you money that you can now save towards that college. While early decision does come with its benefits, it also has its downfalls. As aforementioned, if you apply early decision through more than one college and get accepted to more than one, there is a whole legal process that you have to go through to explain yourself to the colleges. After everything is worked out, the colleges that accepted you through early decision may end up revoking your acceptance because of the hassle, anyway. So, here are a few tips to recap early decision: 1. Only apply early decision if you’re 100 percent sure that the college you’re applying to is the best choice for you.
2. NEVER apply early decision to more than one college. Even if you think that there’s no way one of them will accept you, never take that risk.
3. Always do your research to see if applying early decision is worth it. In other words, see if your college has a higher acceptance rate or offers a different package to early decision students.
College admissions is one of the biggest events in life. My advice is to do your research to boost your chances as much as possible. Good luck to all of you!

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