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5 Apps for Your Campus Safety

5 apps that will help you stay safe on your college campus.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

September 02, 2014

5 Apps for Your Campus Safety
As colleges and the federal government alike work to combat sexual assault on college campuses, there are steps you can take to keep yourself safe too. However, there are times when even the safest decisions leave students in uncomfortable positions. To help in these situations and to hopefully prevent them from happening, you can rely on technology to ensure your safety.

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Circle of 6

This app is free for both Andriod and iPhone devices, and according to TIME, it was one of two winners for the White House Challenge in 2011. It allows users to select six contacts that they can contact in case of an emergency, whether it’s sexual assault, depression or simply a ride home. One feature even provides directions to contacts in order to quickly pick up the user. For other situations, users can access hotlines and emergency phone numbers.

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This app is available on Andriod, iPhone and Blackberry for $1.99 a month or $19.99 a year, and it’s worth every penny. Users can instantly connect with friends and family during an emergency situation, and the app provides real-time location tracking. Also, users can take photos for the authorities in non-threatening situations, locate contacts nearby and ward off attackers with the app’s built-in blaring siren.


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Bsafe is free and available on Andriod, iPhone and Blackberry, and it really gets your friends and family involved and invested in your safety. With the app, you can transmit your location to your contacts, initiate a fake phone call to give you an excuse out of uncomfortable situations and send alerts to your network if you require immediate assistance. Plus, it has a flashlight.


This app is free to download on iPhone, Andriod and Blackberry devices but requires a monthly subscription. Users can tap their phone in an emergency situation, and their phone begins recording. An operator is on the line, listening to the situation, pinpointing your location and determining whether or not the authorities and your emergency contacts need to be contacted.


Finally, Kitestring is not an app; rather, it’s a website marketed toward women that requires a bit of advanced planning and maintenance. This website will check in on you when you’re going on a blind date or walking home from the bar or library, for instance. You log on, tell the website how long you’ll be gone (or how long until you return home), and the website will send a text to your phone to make sure you’re safe. If you don’t respond to the text, your emergency contacts will be notified. Free usage of the website will allow you to input one emergency contact and use the site up to eight times a month. For unlimited usage, you can pay a monthly fee of $3.

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