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3 Tips for Your Scholarship Search

Affordability is, in the end, what will determine the college for many students.

Jamie Vincent

January 07, 2014

3 Tips for Your Scholarship Search

Now that my college applications are all, finally, submitted, I am beginning to consider that second half of the college selection process: financial aid.

Affordability is, in the end, what will determine the college I attend.

As I begin to receive merit scholarship notifications, I am developing a better sense of how much I will truly be expected to pay for my college education.

Though I am lucky enough to have already been offered a number of very generous scholarships, I am finding that there are still gaps in my projected college expenses which I will be expected to fill.

I think the best way to patch up those holes is to take an active role in my own scholarship search.

1. Fastweb

As most Fastweb members know, this website is a treasure trove of scholarship opportunities, many of which, if won, do not require you to attend a certain school or major in a certain subject.

Now that I am finished with my applications, I will have more time to apply for some of the Fastweb scholarships which fit me best.

2. Guidance Office

My guidance counselor recently distributed a packet of local scholarship opportunities for high school seniors.

I plan on applying for a number of these, as I am more likely to win among the smaller pool of local applicants than I am among the ocean of world-wide-web applicants.

3. Individual Colleges

I know of many colleges and universities which offer merit scholarships to high school students who participate in competitions or contests.

I plan on searching for these kind of scholarships among all my top college choices.

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