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3 Spring Semester Must-Dos for High School Seniors

Focus on these goals, and you will likely have a successful - and wonderful - second semester your senior year of high school!

Samantha Brody, Varsity Tutors’ Contributor

January 06, 2015

3 Spring Semester Must-Dos for High School Seniors
A new semester brings with it new goals, which can lead to a new and improved you! The trick lies in choosing objectives that are both feasible and desirable – ultimately, the best goals are meaningful and achievable. As the new semester begins, many possibilities may immediately spring to mind, but here are three to consider if you are unsure where to begin. Each relates to a very important time in your life: your senior year of high school. Focus on these goals, and you will likely have a successful – and wonderful – second semester your senior year of high school!

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1. Remain committed to your classes once you turn in your college applications
It may seem like the rest of your senior year will be simple now that the hardest work (submitting your college applications) is complete, but the school you decide to attend will review your final semester grades. Your future college or university may even decide to rescind its offer of admission if your academic performance is poor. This means that you must commit to your classes. This is especially true if you will sit for AP exams at the end of the year. Though your AP scores won’t necessarily affect your admissions prospects, they can partially determine how many credits you enter college with.

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2. Start to form effective study habits (or improve those study habits you have now)

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Your senior year is the perfect time to begin practicing the independent study habits that will benefit you greatly in college. In response to the admittedly strong urge to give in to senioritis, you should test your study skills and create a review regimen for yourself. Aim to assume responsibility for your own studying, rather than allowing a parent or teacher to solely direct your efforts. After all, once college begins, this will be the type of studying that you will be expected to complete. What better time to start than now, when you have several months to hone your strategies and techniques?
3. Take advantage of all the opportunities your school and community has to offer
Don’t worry – your semester’s goals can (and should) involve more than your schoolwork! Senior year may be one of your last chances to try any number of new possibilities in your hometown. Take a look around and see what you have not had a chance to explore before – perhaps there is a great musical that the drama club will be performing soon? Alternatively, this week or this month might be the ideal time to attend the photography club’s outing to a local park. You might even ask your friends to join you. There may also be a wealth of fantastic senior activities and traditions to take part in – prom, senior week, sporting events, graduation, and so on. Remember to make as many high school memories as you can while you can. And, most important of all, have fun!

Samantha Brody is a professional tutor and contributing writer for Varsity Tutors. She received her Bachelor's degree in Anthropology from Northwestern University in 2014.

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