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10 Awesome Apps for Students

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By Kathryn Knight Randolph

June 08, 2012

10 Awesome Apps for Students 10 Awesome Apps for Students

Word of the Day

Extending your vocabulary will help in every class; so up your essay-writing and speech-giving game with a Word of the Day app. This app combines the powers of Merriam-Webster.com, UrbanDictionary.com, MedicineNet.com and others for a varied array of new words to add to your vocabulary.

This app is available on iPhone and iTouch. Learn more.

Note: there are Word of the Day apps for devices like Android and Windows Phone 7 as well.

Brain Tutor 3D

If you’re a pre-med or anatomy major, it’s helpful for your studies to dissect a human brain – but getting your hands on one isn’t always easy. With Brain Tutor 3D, you can explore 3D models of the head and brain, slice the brain along three axles, learn where brain structures are located and more.

This app is available on iPhone and iPad. Learn more.

StudySets – Psychology

Psychology students, pick your brain with StudySets’ psych-focused app. You can explore key topics, vocabulary and people quickly with the app. This app also includes concepts covered for psych-loving high school students who are taking advanced placement tests or college entrance exams.

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This app is available on iPhone and iTouch. Learn more.

Pocket Lawyer Lite

No, this app does not give everyone the license to practice law, but it comes pretty close. Explore sentencing guidelines, from parking violations to reckless driving.

This app is available on iPhone. Learn more.

gFlash+ Flaschards & Tests

Notecards are so old fashioned; no to mention, they’re torn up, coffee-stained and ink-smudged. Go virtual with your flashcards and never lose or destroy them. gFlash allows you to create and edit your own cards, integrate your cards onto a Google spreadsheet and download cards from the gWhiz catalog.

This app is available on iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Android and Kindle. Learn more.

Which apps do you use to help you stay on top of studying?

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