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10 Student-Inspired Valentines

These student-inspired Valentine's Day cards are ready to share with whomever you deem worthy!

Elizabeth Hoyt

February 09, 2016

10 Student-Inspired Valentines
Oh, Valentine’s Day. Whether you take it seriously or not, it’s going to be all around you on campus - seriously, you're not going to be able to avoid it if you plan on leaving home. Lover will be everywhere, gazing into each other's eyes, like lovesick puppies.

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Which is cool, if you're into that. But, if you're not, it can be a little much. Alas, we must appeal to the masses. Therefore, in honor of this day of love, and to help you celebrate the date, we’ve created some fun student-inspired valentines for different personality types.

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Show someone you care this Valentine’s Day, whether it’s someone you’re crushing on, dating, a friend in class or your best bud. You're sure to find a card to suit you - or a romantic recipient - from the many options below. Feel free to print out and give to your loved (or liked) one or to share on social media - the world is your oyster! Also, don't forget to check out our Valentine's Day-themed scholarships to celebrate the occasion!
Wishing you and yours a Happy Valentine's Day!
Check out our ten student-inspired valentines to share with whomever YOU deem worthy this Valentine’s Day:

1. Computer Savvy: Coded-with-Love

Maybe you can read HTML code and want to make them work to decode your message (it’s really not that hard even if you cannot read code). Maybe he or she reads HTML code and will be completely blown away by your efforts. (Even though the effort was all ours, we promise to never reveal your dirty little secret.) Either way, this valentine is coded with love and it’s just for you two (and every other person that can read HTML code) to share.
This coded-with-love valentine was created on Polyvore.

2. Math Lovers: Perfect Equation

It’s the most basic equation known to man, yet not really a math equation at all, as any mathematician knows. However, when nostalgia comes into play, we let it go for the sake of romance. Oh, the silly things we do for romance.
Perfect Love Equation
This math equation valentine was created on Polyvore.

3. Writers: Love Story

This is a valentine that’s a story about writing a love story. See what we did there? They will be happy at the mere thought of you writing. What writer wouldn’t want that? (Bonus, you don’t have to actually write the love story.)
Love story
This love story valentine was created on Polyvore.

4. Undecided Majors: You’re A-Peeling

Tell your crush how you feel this Valentine’s Day the only way one should: with a banana-gram. Yep, we just made that up. Honestly, who doesn’t want to be told they’re a-peeling? Plus, appealing isn’t super-committal, so it’s playing it safe. That's a bonus for you if it doesn’t work out. Just saying – we’re on your side here.
This banana valentine was created on Polyvore.

5. Lab Lovers: All About Chemistry

If you’ve got enough chemistry to burn down the very lab you met in, this one’s for you. If the very sight of your lab partner makes your safety goggles melt, this is the perfect valentine. Just remember that, when hazardous chemicals are involved, nobody wins.
Chemistry Valentine
This chemistry valentine was created on Polyvore.

6. Graphic Art Fans: Comic Love

No, we don’t think it’s great comic art. We’re not even going to pretend it’s good comic art. Can we just say it’s ironic and call it a day?
This Comic-inspired valentine was created on Polyvore.

7. Musically-Inclined: Put Into Song

We wrote you a love song, so you don’t have to spend time on one. Even though we know you could, if you put your mind to it.
Valentine Song
This sheet music valentine was created on Polyvore.

8. Sci-Fi Fanatics: Robot Love

Here’s a way to tell if your other half truly gets you. What better day to test the waters than on a nationally recognized day of romance? He or she will either be completely creeped out or charmed by your weirdness with this robot love valentine. And if he or she is charmed, you’ll know you’ve got a keeper on your hands.
robot love
This robot valentine was created on Polyvore.

9. Not Much In Common: We Share...Pizza?

Don’t have a major in common? Maybe you share a sense of humor - because who doesn’t like a dumb joke once in a while? And a love of pizza - because who doesn’t like pizza? If you don’t think he or she likes these two things, we recommend a break up immediately.
This pizza valentine was created on Polyvore.

10. BFFs: The Frog Prince

You and your bestie have been through it all, including those frogs that have turned out to be not-so-prince-like. But, you know you’ll both be there, through thick and thin. Best of all, you know that, no matter what, you always have an amazing Valentine. Who needs a prince when you've got each other?
BFF Frog Prince
This frog prince valentine was created on Polyvore.

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