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Tech Trends of the Future

We've got a hunch that these are some of the significant technology trends and advances that will most affect our Fastwebbers.

Elizabeth Hoyt

January 11, 2013

Tech Trends of the Future
Ask the most tech-savvy genius out there and they’ll tell you there’s not surefire list of what’s to be expected in the upcoming year. As in life, nothing is certain or one-hundred percent predictable, but wouldn't everything become boring if it was? While there’s no way to pinpoint or predict every technology trend that will continue this year, we've got a hunch that these are some of the most significant trends that will affect and excite our Fastwebbers.

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Internet Integration
More apps and devices are revealed daily making the fine line between the physical world and the virtual worlds disappear further. Keys have been replaced with programs installed on your cell phone and your house can be wired to all devices. Eventually, the line will no longer exist and you may no longer have the choice of turning on your washing machine manually or via iPad. • SMS
Students are connected to their devices regardless, so why not utilize that? Teachers have caught on and are now connecting with their students via SMS marking to send out assignment updates, deadline reminders and scheduling changes. Schools find the tools useful as well in emergency situations to notify student bodies as well as staff of school closures or important happenings.

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Social Media Advocacy
The entire behind social media is to connect people and, with social media advocacy, allows people to connect with one another while educating each other on important issues within their communities. • Free Online Education

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Many universities and colleges are offering free courses online for the masses – the catch? It’s purely for the learning experience. Even though you receive a certificate that you complete the course, you don’t gain a degree. Other classes offer degrees, however, for a fee. • Social Impact Goes Viral
When disaster strikes, the world comes together in hopes to make a change. The Internet has become the ultimate tool in these endeavors, uniting people together in projects all around the world. • Smarter Smartphones
A smartphone is already capable of so much but, with people already so dependent on the internet and use of their phones, the sky’s the limit. Companies will continue to optimize their web sites to become more user-friendly, as well as become more accessible for smartphone dependant users via apps and other tools. • Facebook, Defriended?
Ever since Facebook has dominated the world’s social media market, the popularity of niche-based social networks has begun to sprout. From Vimeo to Spotify, these sites take sharing media to a whole new level. Facebook, eat your heart out.
3D Printing
What once seemed like a Jetson-esque invention is now accessible to the everyday man. Well, at a price. Though the rates have significantly dropped, the modern masses will now be able to purchase the printers for a couple thousand or so. Expect companies to capitalize on the excitement and develop new ways to collaborate with this technology as 2013 progresses. We may not know exactly what to expect‒or when to expect it‒but we're sure of one thing: it's going to be a great year, Fastwebbers!
What are some other tech trends you're looking forward to in the upcoming year?

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