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Summer Fun on a Student Budget

For students, summer is the perfect time to unwind and do things you may not have had the time to do during the year.

Ashley Paskill

May 03, 2016

Summer Fun on a Student Budget
Summer is a time for students of all ages to have fun. Since the school year is so busy and hectic, summer is the perfect time to unwind and do things you may not have had the time to do during the year. Between hanging out with friends and going on vacation, however, fun summer plans can have a burden on a college student’s tight budget. Sometimes, the most fun and memorable things that can be done are free or inexpensive enough for a college budget!

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Catch lightning bugs with friends and family if these creatures are common where you live. While this may seem like something only children would enjoy, it can be made into a fun activity. Have a competition to see who can catch the most or who can catch one first. The laughs that are shared and the quality time with loved ones is something that you will cherish for years to come. Just remember to release the lightning bugs back into their natural habitat!

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Spend a day at a local park.
Grab a friend to walk with you to catch up or go it alone to have some alone time. Take a book with you to catch up on reading for pleasure that you did not have time for throughout the school year.

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Soak in the beauty of nature by taking pictures of things that are often overlooked or taken for granted. Parks are free to access. Going for a walk around the park is a great way to relax and get your exercise in. Take photos around your neighborhood. When you see things every single day, you begin to take them for granted. Taking a walk with a loved one or by yourself and snapping pictures of cool things you notice will be a memory you get to see every day. You will appreciate the simple things about your neighborhood that you have come to overlook. Share these photos with your family and friends to show off how awesome your neighborhood truly is! You will learn (and relearn) things about your neighborhood that you will be excited to share with others. Volunteer in your community. Whether you volunteer at a local soup kitchen or pick up litter at a local park or beach, there are plenty of ways to give back. Have a friend come with you to help out as well. Contact local soup kitchens and other volunteer places to see where help is most needed and offer to pitch in! Not only will you be making a huge difference in your community and in the world, volunteer experience looks great on a resume. Catch up on your favorite TV shows. When the weather is rainy or too hot to do anything outside, take some time to watch your favorite TV show that you may have missed during the school year. Whether you stream on Netflix, watch shows you have saved on your DVR, or catch up with a marathon on television, catching up on your favorite shows is a great way to have fun while relaxing after a busy semester.

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