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Students Seeking Arrangements

With the rising cost of tuition, many students are finding themselves in tight financial situations, causing them to turn to "sugar" arrangements.

Elizabeth Hoyt

January 22, 2013

Students Seeking Arrangements
Applications for scholarships, check. Applications for student government aid, check. Application to become a sugar baby—wait—what? Many students are currently finding themselves in the all too common money squeeze and are turning to dating sites that brand themselves as “sugar” web sites, in hopes to help pay off their overwhelming debts. As tuition costs increase, memberships to sites like and have increased, by as much as 50 percent in 2012, according to the web site’s spokesperson.

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A sugar relationship basically means that older, more successful and established party is willing to support the young “sugar baby” financially, pamper them and provide them with connections and, in exchange, becomes that person’s companion and, in some cases, lover. The relationships are dubbed “arrangements” and are often not seen as serious, with guidelines and rules, rather than emotions and commitments. To encourage younger “sugar babies” to join the sites, they usually offer memberships to the younger parties free of charge while charging the elders.

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The web site’s main sales pitch is to offer two different parties what they want: a rich older benefactor to offer financial backing in exchange for dating a young, beautiful person looking to be supported.
Be aware that the site directly targets impressionable students with quotes such as, “Men my age are too immature. My current arrangement is wonderful. Unlike other cash strapped students, I am pampered with expensive gifts. My sugar daddy is the sweetest man I know. He is my mentor, my benefactor and my lover.” – College Sophomore

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In fact, for the second year, the site has released its 20 Fastest Growing Sugar Colleges list, breaking down the number of students who are seeking arrangements at each of the colleges. The following is a list of 2012’s top ten fastest growing sugar baby schools, ranking by newest signed-up memberships: 1. Georgia State University – 292 new users
2. New York University – 285 new users
3. Temple University – 268 new users
4. University of Central Florida – 221 new users
5. University of South Florida – 212 new users
6. Arizona State University – 204 new users
7. Florida International University – 187 new users
8. University of Georgia – 148 new users
9. Indiana University – 131 new users
10. Texas State – 128 new users
While school is undoubtedly expensive, we cannot help but wonder: is this really a necessary route? These students must think so. Do we have the right to judge or determine what’s chauvinistic versus progressive? Whatever your opinion may be, it’s clear that the rising rates show students desperately turning to other money-making methods to pay for school that likely would not have if the costs had remained stagnant. Now, that’s something we absolutely do have the right to judge. Even though a select few would have been interested in that route no matter what the cost of school, we’re willing to wager that many students, given other viable options would opt out of “sugar” relationships. Students, please note you do have other viable options! Fastweb, for one, is a great resource for finding scholarships, learning about managing your money and applying for financial aid. So, before you or any of your friends commit to something you may regret in the future, do yourself a favor and research. There are always more options out there than you think. Note: Everyone's entitled to an opinion. Although Fastweb doesn't condone the choices made by students that have turned to these sites, it is an issue for some students, especially when they're being targeted, and that's enough cause for awareness.

What do you think about students turning to these sites as a way to pay for school?

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