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Students Add Up Their Worst Gifts Received

By Leah Westfall

December 15, 2010

Students Add Up Their Worst Gifts Received
Horrific clothing, household items, secondhand things, unwanted gift certificates and coupons to classes we’d never take. We’ve all gotten holiday presents we swear we never asked for but some can be worse than others. In a recent survey sent out to 527 Fastweb high school and college students we asked “What is the worst gift you’ve ever received?” The results were shocking, hilarious and all around a little pathetic. The following is a list of the top ten best (or worst!) actual responses. • A wooden stick doll without any eyes.
• An Eggstractor.
• A used led pencil.
• Toilet paper.
• A can of sardines.
• Coal.
• A calendar for 2009 that was given in December 2009.
• Q-tips.
• A box of gum.
• A dead mouse.
When we asked the same students what they really wanted this holiday season 6% said a new car, 12% wanted the newest technology gadgets, 20% wanted gift certificates and an overwhelming 54% were hoping for money for college. Don’t fall victim to bad gifts this year, tell your friends and family the gift you could really use, money for school, and be sure to thank them for contributing to your education and your future.

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